This is great, thanks for sharing! :relieved:

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howdy. glad that people are enjoying this! I haven’t spent much time at all playing music over the past year or so (and none with norns scripting) but am getting back into it now.

I made some updates prior to taking a break that I want to sit with and probably adjust before pushing. maybe the whole thing will change? dunno, but I love just playing over top of a constantly shifting bed of sine clusters.


Honestly this script is… liberating. I can’t quite explain it, but it’s pushing me to play my guitar in a sparse, more restrained manner that I suddenly feel really at home with. Actually, I’ve never played like this before - I’m more of a late 90s post-hardcore guitarist, so this is new, but exciting. And I have you to thank for this!


thank you @speakerdamage. Just came across this late last week and spent some time with it. The script is a joy and quite labyrinthine.

Is it common that at some point (maybe after 5 minutes or so) the sines ‘take over’ to the point where no changes seem to have an effect?(clearing and beginning to poll again, resetting softcut, changing sine mode, or adjusting sines volume). Is this perhaps an intention, related to the “there”?

Would you care to share more on the k3: clearing/freezing sines? I feel that in the beginning this function operates as ‘normal’, and then seems have more of an effect on clearing the glut buffer vs. the sines. Just me? :pray:t4:


Here’s some sax noodles cooked up here and there this morning

And some daxophone last evening


nope, this is not intentional. can’t say I’ve experienced this so I will have to check it out.

I’ll take a look at this too. pressing k3 should only be emptying the table of hz values for the sines (and then re-polling / re-filling table). if you hold k1 and press k3, that changes the glut params. is that maybe what you were doing?

@yobink these are awesome, thanks for sharing! I’ve wanted a daxophone for years…


Wow these are nice. I was just listening to the Ariel Kalma / Robert AA Lowe record, and your tracks are giving me the same vibes.


Thanks so much, I will check that record out! :pray:

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These are really beautiful. Also led me to check out the Venova. Had never heard of that. How do you like it? Understanding it’s not fully a replacement for a saxophone, is it an interesting sound source? Is it hard to play?


Thanks! I love the Venova and if you’ve played wind instruments it’s very easy to play. There’s some wonky fingering to play “all the notes” but I generally don’t care about such things. Mostly use it in a free jazz context. And the price is right! I reach for it a lot over traditional horns due to quick and easy and sounds good.

Edit: I did swap out the plastic reed for a bass clarinet reed which markedly improved playability and sound quality.