HERE004 - Lightbath + Emily A. Sprague - full/new


Hey all,

I’m over the moon about this. @stripes and I have a cassette out on Commend today and it’s the most music I’ve ever put on a physical release. There are only 75 cassettes being made and no digital release at this time, so if you’re interested, get it while it’s hot!

I’m premiering a YouTube video (featuring music and video from our sets) at 1pm EST, so please join if you have the time and desire.

I’m also making the video of my entire set available as a Patreon bonus.


HERE004 - Lightbath + Emily A. Sprague - full/new
available as a limited run of hand-numbered cassettes

full/new is an expression of mutual planetary motion. Drawing a school of listeners to the floor of Commend’s relatively small interior on a late July Sunday afternoon in 2018, Emily A. Sprague and Lightbath (aka Bryan Noll) provided an hour of aqueous reflections that whispered with the trees outside on Forsyth street and tempered the activity of the surrounding island.

Frequent collaborators, Sprague and Noll have been traveling some years on the same light ship through music, friendship, darkness, and spiritual joy, sailing not only the same creative waters of improvised ambient music but also of deeper life events, providing support and connection. full/new represents the cosmic encounter of these two amongst friends, their complementary sets in healing ceremony, celebration and reunion.

To begin, Lightbath (in collaboration with a plant via the MIDI Sprout daubs an arc of floaty melodics, chalky auras and affecting chimes into space. Nurtured by Noll’s composer-gardner spirit, “full” manifests a magnetic kineticism as person and machine travel together exchanging ideas in turn, flowing with the motion and change of the tides. An articulation of weightless abundance, “full” is balanced by the complementary piece “The Hermit”, a seven-minute piece recorded six days before the event using the same configuration of modules. Noll describes “The Hermit” as a meditation on one zone while its dynamic sibling, “full” is a stream of consciousness journey through multiple.

If “full” portrays voluptuous movement, “new” is its accompanying voice of possibility and renewal. Sprague pulls listeners into a thin cocoon of reverie, swayed gently by arpeggios in positive and negative acceleration. An interlude of rustling, trickling, bird calls and the occasional tapping signals the frolicking of polyphonic melodies over a swelling, sonorous bass. The final movement stills out into a sanguine solitude, leaving us with a single, extended note.

Mastered by Andrew Osterhoudt, full/new will be presented as a limited run of cassettes in hand numbered cases as part of our Commend Here series, which captures the magical moments of select Commend events. Released Tuesday, February 26, 2019.


Congrats on the release! I know musically where you and @stripes are coming from, but what about this mysterious plant? Like what kind of shit is it into?


Love what you and @stripes do, so I’m happy to order a tape!


To me, no digital means no buy, sorry. Shipping to Italy costs more than the release itself. And it’s environmentally worse, I guess. No hearts this time.


It’s quite musically agnostic, the plant. Just enjoys a nice balance of sunlight and water and good vibes… and if you watch the full length video on my Patreon you’ll see that it enjoys quartz crystals and Palo Santo.


Thanks anyway. There’s always the YouTube video excerpt premiering in two hours and Patreon full length (also becoming available then) if you’re into that kind of party.


Happy for the chance to support 2 of my most favourites artist :hugs: congrats on the release! Can’t wait to listen.


While I’m one of the lucky 75 to get a copy, I’m with @AlessandroBonino in needing a digital copy.


Unfortunately, it’s not the way the label handles these limited ‘Commend Here’ releases. The best I can offer at this time is the video of my set on Patreon. For now, patience, and we’ll see what can be done about the digital embargo once the tapes sell out :wink:


Congrats, you two! Looking forward to spinning this one


Congrats! already ordered mine


Unfortunately the cost of getting a tape sent to the UK means I’ll have to sit this one out until a prospective digital release too.

Enjoying the appropriate advertising though…


congrats @fourhexagons and @stripes !!


LOL - that snake plant, second from the left is what Data Garden founder and MIDI Sprout creator, Joe Patitucci first toured with the MIDI Sprout in the early days.


deep synth plant histories


:rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl: :seedling: :rofl:


you could also say … roots? :joy:


That didn’t take long :wink:

While I am grateful I jumped quickly to score a copy, I too would value a digital version, FWIW.

And congratulations to you both on the release!


Congratulations on the release! The sound snippets sound killer.
Will have to wait for the digital release, due to my location.


While it’s not an appropriate thread to discuss the topic of file sharing, what are people’s (the artists?) thoughts on p2p programs like Soulseek, torrent sites, downloading music without paying for it (initially) - the ethics or proper etiquette of it, if that’s even possible to determine. Let’s say (hypothetically) this release (in particular, limited, or “privileged” material) appeared, circulating on Slsk… what do you think / how do you feel about it?