Here's a teletype quick reference for your mobile device

I laid out the teletype reference (just the basics) as a flat html page that is very readable on a phone browser. (Because I’m both forgetful and blind and tend to lose anything I print out for reference.)

Feel free to grab a copy or just reference it from your device. It’s at firmware version 2.2.


I love this, thank you so much.

thank you for doing this.

This is awesome, if you’d be up for generating this cheatsheat in the html format you got here I think it could be really cool to include this as a link next to the pdf cheatsheat (cc @tehn)

If that is of interest and you want to talk through how the pandoc stuff works, I’d be happy to help (feel free to PM)

Amazing. This is super handy! Thank you :slight_smile:
Maybe index links at the top so one can quick jump to a specific section?

Sure. I’ll PM you shortly.

Added index links at the top. Trying to keep it very minimal though.

I do want to add a section for INIT ops. Maybe later this weekend.

Refresh if you don’t see the index.

Yesssss this is rad!

Awesome, thankyou for taking the time to do this :slight_smile:

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So cool. Thanks a lot

Super helpful thanks.

Thank you very much, this is great!