Hi, I have an Aleph

Hi, so I bought one when they came out, then shortly had two kids, lost one job, went through another two that were horrrible, now have one that is nice, and wouldn’t you know it five years have dissapeared and I can barely remember what my plans were for the Aleph, let alone how to even use it.

So, whats the current state of Aleph things? Is it all dead in the wake of Norns? Do people still use them? Is there any market for them? Whats up with the Aleph people?


I think there always will be some interest due to the unique specs and properties of the device. However, if you were asking about resale value for used alephs… i’ve seen ~$800-$1100 the past few years

Might be less nowadays

Yeah, sure there are users but not much recent discussion or active development

Mine is on my desk next to norns right now. I try to use both

if you want to update your firmware rather than sell yours i personally recommend using this

funny, i just started re-using mine recently (after about a year on the shelf)… partly inspired by all the norns conversations… so spent last week rebuilding some old scenes and playing around, and now I remember HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS THING, there is something quite special about the sound of it for me (especially the weird lofi effect of pitch shifting) … this with an Octatrack and an H9 are the closest I’ve ever felt to something I’d call ‘my sound’… the routing options (4 in and out!) are another of its great features that are hard to find on other boxes… i usually have different FX patched in to all the in/outs and blend them between delay buffers in Lines. Also the update the version of Lines that @skektek made gives me smooth tape like pitch shifting when i want it (I have duplicates of all my scenes one with standard Lines and one with the alternate) … sorry bit of a ramble… but for me it’s a unique beast that’s worth keeping around.


would you mind sharing?
perhaps in the new library section of the forum?

Thanks for the firmware pointer. I feel like I’ve just woken up from a coma or something, I can remember trying to get the toolchain setup on a macbook I had at the time that has long since died. I guess you could just have a docker image for it nowadays.

Is the tutorial on the monome.org site still relevant? Can you recomend any good resources to get (re-)started?

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Thank you so much for your comment! it’s jogged my memory about why I bought it and why I was so excited about it - I remember now I was using Live to do a this kind of live improvised delay line overlay stuff, and wanted to somehow create a streamlined way of doing what I was kind of doing in Live but with the Aleph…

Expect some questions on how to get going again!

just done it with some documentation too!!! :slight_smile:


I think the tutorial will be helpful if you forgot the basics after such a long time. Aside from that…perhaps take a look at the latest docs for new ops and features

If you are bewildered/curious: search the forum for a specific operator (e.g. “kria aleph”) and you’ll probably find the discussions which led to their addition.

I just saw one sell on Reverb, so there must still be a market. It still offers something that Norns doesn’t because of the direct cv integration. It’s best thought of as a different machine and not an inferior, outdated model imo.

Last time I checked there is a bug in the CV section at this point:

Otherwise, yes lines is very cool. Routing options are very cool.

Pretty sure there was always a bug with the cv… but I remember it was mostly fine for triggers as long as you didn’t need a super tight clock. Still lots you can do there, if imperfect :slight_smile:.

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at least three not-stupid people have smashed themselves against the wall of the AD5686 DMA driver code. but the good news is that the challenge is open to all.