HID demo

I started doing some gentle poking around Supercollider for text-to-speech stuff - looks like the speech module’s since been deprecated, since it was macOS only? Did you have any luck?

Haven’t got round to doing any SuperCollider stuff for a while. I was thinking SAM or LPC style. Definitely lo-fi.

Would require custom plugins, which I’ve yet to attempt.

So my dream has to be able to use the wii nunchuck for years and Addac had a module to incorporate it but I never had the spare cash and other priorities took over, its a HID device no? Has anyone tried it?

Wiimote is bluetooth and then I believe when connected it acts as an “input” device and I believe as an HID. (I need to re-build my bluetooth setup and test this again)

But - on norns for the moment there’s no way to interface bluetooth devices to the norns stack.

Look promising - direct i2c lines

You’d need something like this: wusbmote

(or wire up something similar with arduino/teensy/etc. to turn the i2c into HID - which is pretty much covered in your first link there)

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paging @jlmitch5 for magic trackpad discussion

Are you trying hid-events.lua?

hid. is the system table for usb connected HIDs. Works the same as grid. or midi. tables to connect to a device, etc.

All that is defined in ~/norns/lua/core/hid.lua or in the norns reference at http://norns.local/doc/classes/hid.html


Ah cool got it! 20 char

AFAIK, there is no speech synthesis implemented in SuperCollider, the only way this was working previously, was calling external libraries from the language (not the server), which means that it is not possible to e.g. route its output through effects…


There’s some formant speech stuff in the Plaits engine (Macro P Oscillator) Mi-engines

Sadly the word list is pretty limited.

I should make a map of values for the existing words/letters/numbers.


This isn’t the right thread for my query but it’s kind of relevant…

Did anyone come up with a solution for HID keyboards which register themselves multiple times? eg. Atreus 1, Atreus 2, 3 etc.

Despite having the keyboard show up many times in the HID list, I get no output from HID-KEYBOARD-TEST.

Frustratingly, I have had it work for me through various incantantions but I can’t remember the technique.

No solution for the multiple HID-device indicators - but if anyone else has an issue with no output from the hid-events.lua, try to change the usb cable or power supply.

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Did anybody manage to run the shell example? I can’t get print(2) to work. Already opened an issue on github but maybe somebody else in here could point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

It’s been awhile and I’m fuzzy on details, but the script is just sending an exec of whatever you type.

It’s not very sophisticated.

What are you trying to accomplish?

This isn’t specific to this script, but in general it is not a bug for a keyboard to enumerate as multiple devices. For example, one device for alphanumeric keys, one for media control keys, etc. - that seems to be how they are designed.

Recently added some means to filter for devices matching specific interface profile (hid_device_class.lua - not complete but you can see the idea.)

@arev the script implements a bash shell, not a REPL to the lua environment.


well the main goal is that I want to create a text based 4 track looper. tbh it‘s my first project on the norns other than the simple lua coding examples and my first steps with sc (confident in max/msp and faust).
I thought your hid examples were a good way of starting with running commands in a terminal style console. So if you have any tips that could help me achieve my goal it‘d be greatly appreciated!

However, regarding my issue matron shows me the error message mentioned in the github issue, other than the expected print of the number.

EDIT: did not see the comment from @zebra before - sorry, so a simple case of user error :grimacing:


Game pad and Wacom tablet as music controllers is relevant to my interests.

Should any keyboard work with the HID script, bought a Vortex Race 3 TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard that Norns Shield somehow doesn’t recognise - aside from the documentation from Vortex being cryptic and spare… - is there something I am not doing correctly?

In maiden/repl:

HID device was added: 8 USB-HID Keyboard
HID device was added: 9 USB-HID Keyboard 2
this appears to be an ASCII keyboard!
HID device was added: 10 USB-HID Keyboard 3
this appears to be an ASCII keyboard!
HID device was added: 11 USB-HID Keyboard 4

The only script that vaguely acknowledges the keyboard is Mouse, and then it’s only the arrow keys. ORCA, nope. Yggdrasil nope. Any pointers much appreciated.

in theory, yes.

based on that maiden output you’d want to select the Keyboard 2 or Keyboard 3 in the DEVICES->HID menu (i think).

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