Hiding branding (aka covering the Apple logo)

(usually i keep a kinda “translucent black” plastic thing on it)


bughunter sticker from the past


I’ve put an Apple sticker over the apple.


And yes the eyes light up. Hiding branding with another brand.


im on windows now, but had 2 macbooks spanning about 13 years. always covered them in stickers.
but my current acer too is covered in stickers.
its just more personal and the brand covering is a great side effect.

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@jonatron Behringer stickers one everything I love it


There’s always those skins that can cover up the whole back of your computer, like Dbrand

That would be Meidän Festivaali in Järvenpää, Finland, right? I was supposed to go, still bummed I couldn’t make it…

I always buy black Nike’s with the white Nike logo so I can colour it in with black marker when I get home, have done that for years.


haha, i was in a stage competition once and one of the competitors spray painted the white stripes of his otherwise all black adidas shoes backstage before going on. then he spent the rest of the evening commenting very loudly in regards to the spray paint smell which was everywhere- “ok, who the hell spray painted their shoes here??”

i had totally forgotten until your comment reminded me- i was courted to be sponsored by a brand who offered to give me anything they made for free… i was invited to their store, carefully looked over all their products, and in the end grabbed a huge handful of stickers with their logo on them. then i went home and put the stickers on things that didn’t suck. sadly what they made was really really bad. of course the one time a big sponsorship opportunity comes along, the company turned out to be bad at what they do! (which, looking back, could explain why they had called me, hmmmm)


On the rare occasion I use a laptop live, I do cover the logo, but only because it emits so much light. I have spoken to others who also do it for the same reason.

I mean, we all know what’s under there, right? I find it hard to believe it’s an attempt to disguise that fact

I see so many apple logos shining thru stickers :-/ dunno why people don’t put a piece of tin foil or something over it first

if i had a macbook i’d probably just put a vintage rainbow apple sticker over it anyway :smiley:

When bands cover the logos on synths, it makes me MORE curious and distracted about what the synth might be.

When a laptop logo is covered, I just think of it as personalized… or someone just doesn’t want an obnoxious light on the back of their laptop.





I’m definitely like this with clothing- I either buy things without text/logos or take a razor blade to patches or whatever because otherwise I feel like a billboard advertising a company I’m not 100% sure I want to support (though I do my best to research companies, spend the extra money on items that at least seem less exploitative, or buy secondhand, etc, clothing is obviously a murky industry). It’s admittedly kind of nonsensical and makes no change, but I guess it makes me feel better?

For the most part, I don’t have the same issue with the music gear I own because I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that the people behind those companies (currently Monome, Lorre-Mill, Flower Electronics) aren’t terrible assholes destroying the planet and exploiting workers. So I have no problem “endorsing” these companies, not that my “endorsement” is worth really anything or that I have any visibility that matters much.

But, of course, there is privilege in being able to afford this type of moral high ground (or similarly having an apple to cover-up), so its complicated, basically?


David Bowie once used a Mac = LOOK HE’S ENDORSING US FOREVER https://youtu.be/Ny-MGNf301k


I recently placed a Synthrotek sticker on my truck camper because I liked the artwork and color match.lol

You can run but you can’t hide,
Ads appear with the tide,
But ads are no worry he sighed.

I did the opposite. I masked the synthrotek logo on two euro modules because rape jokes [1] [2]


20 characters of ditto.

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