High Aura'd + Josh Mason — Lower Yr Voice

so, something a little darker and dronier than i’d probably normally do, but i had an equal amount of fun working on this record and getting outside of my own box with my friend john, and thought perhaps some people here may enjoy it? tube amps and (barely functioning) max patches is the name of the game here.

i’m not sure how many here were ever interested in bands like portraits of past, or clikatat ikatowi and the whole gravity records scene in the 90s/00s, but a lot of that music was really crucial for the both of us in our development as musicians, and especially as guitar players, in terms of tone and technique. one day john and i got to talking about sonny sharrock and somehow we landed in this realm and stayed there for a while.

when we started this we had not met in person (and it would be another 2 or 3 years before we did) and, having been a fan of john’s earlier works (‘sanguine futures’ is still a fav of mine), it was a lot of fun to get to know him through the process of working on this material…

that process: john provided all of the instrumentation, i provided the dsp environment with which to sift and arrange it…and in this way we explored those slow motion in-between moments of anticipation we experienced going to sweaty basement punk shows, those moments between songs, right before the singalongs you knew were coming, before the downbeat…

*the vinyl is experiencing the usual mfg delays, but its officially ‘out’ today so…shrug.