Highly midi-controllable hardware

@juhbuba Will keep in touch. I think I’m good with a standard filter board if that’s it for now. Also just saw a rack version for sale on Reverb. Ad claims it might be the only one. Not sure why it needs to be in a rack (other than tucking it away) when the thing can be so incredibly compact. Would be more fun to lug around a laptop w. supercollider, audio/midi interface and 1-2 shruthi-1 units and have a blast at a gig livecoding it to hell.

EDIT: just checked Ebay as well. Found one with the DSP board. And a pcb for the polivoks. I haven’t built anything myself for a while, but if there’s no SMT, I should probably be good.

Yeah, I’d pass on the rack. I use my unit w a USB to 9V step up convertor and a USB battery btw. Portability is very nice and it doesn’t seem to draw much current so the battery lasts.

If you’re comfy w soldering, there are a handful of simple mods like filter feedback etc that could be fun: YewTreeMagic ~ Steampunk Audio . And I believe TubeOhm has a kit that lets you add 4 CV ins as mod matrix sources.

Also have been having a blast driving Eurorack stuff with SuperCollider patterns, so I know you’ll be able to get a ton out of the Shruthi w SC!

I remember the volca keys having pretty much every parameter exposed as a CC with some more CCs that there wasn’t a knob for. I know the Waldorf Blofeld also had a load of parameters available via MIDI CC.

And there is the Ambika, that is basicaly 6 Shruti voices in a box ! You can mix and match voices card, use it as a mix of poly and monos, do weird unissons… It must be fun, I know I want one. I remember a company still building some in the UK. (EDIT : it was diysynth.me )

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Yes, great mention, @TanaBarbier! Forgot about that one…always wanted to try an Ambika. Which reminds me: similar hardware form factor, but FM inside…the PreenFM2 is well specc’d for MIDI, though I haven’t tried it (there’s a version 3 as well).

While we’re on the topic of discontinued Mutable apocrypha, there’s the Anushri, too (monosynth w analog signal path and sequencer, CV patch points, plus a decent amount of parameters exposed to MIDI CC).

Then there are hardware MIDI transformers (MIDIPal, etc)… But that’s a whole new thread, hahaha.

Anushri: Mutable Instruments | Anushri - User manual

PreenFM2 MIDI CC list (LFO phase control looks interesting): preenfm | DIY FM sound generator

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I ordered a Shruthi-1. I can’t wait to try it out. Been reading over the midi cc and nrpn list, imagining what might be interesting to try out. Which is not a useful thing to do, since I hardly can predict what will come out. But starting ideas are good, if not only to just chuck them out after a few minutes.


OK you’ve got to stop ! PreenFM3 is my shortlist of synths I would buy if I could, with the Ambika. I think they are a steal at those prices… Criminally unknown compared to alternatives. While we are in this category : Micromonsta 2 also has a nice CC=> parameters list.


Hahaha, I agree! I’m overwhelming myself…fell back down a Github rabbithole of alternative firmwares. Time to get back to making music!

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No. You must compare all the available filter boards.

If my sc algo midi adventure turns out good with the Shruthi-1, I have half a mind to put up a video on Youtube showing it, but once again, would rather make music than make videos. But as mentioned earlier, most gear demos on pretty much any gear are painfully boring, and I appreciate the ones that show off a different area of some gear, so maybe I should throw something into the pool as well. Might be useful to someone down the line.


The mod factory algorithms/presets in the h3000/3500 have quite a few things that can be automated with midi.

@ansgaria, but I already did that!!! I have to do it again?! >le sigh< Well, better get to it…

Joking aside, that comment resulted in the movement of actual molecules of air (which felt very much in the spirit of this board). Y’know, like an lol but real.

I had a lot of fun this evening setting up Stepic to send a half dozen lanes of polymetric CC sequencing to my Korg OpSix. You can use CC to control the algorithm, operator level, operator ratio, fx level for each of three fx, and probably more that I haven’t played with yet. The MIDI implementation is completely comprehensive (I wish I could select different waveforms for the operators or different effects algorithms) but it’s still plenty to get crazy with and I feel like I’m only just scratching the surface. Worth having a play with if you come across and OpSix!

I’d love to try using Max or Supercollider (I’ve dabbled with both, but still have lots to learn) to send more MIDI and try to get this thing to glitch out, but for some reason I’m having trouble knowing where to start. What are some techniques, examples, etc. that folks have used for freaking gear out over MIDI?

Gameboy running Pushpin requires some pretty deep midi control (you can even get into sending it wave tables on the fly for kind of sample playback), runs on a gameboy colour with an old skool diy interface you can easily build, or there’s a recent version hacked to work with Arduino boy on the original gameboy or other versions

Start here: Pattern Guide 01: Introduction | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help

Or jump ahead to the good stuff: Pattern Guide Cookbook 04: Sending MIDI | SuperCollider 3.12.2 Help

Tons of fun to be had w SC Patterns. And after wrapping your head around it, you can describe flurries of events and interrelationships within the generated MIDI at the speed of thought.

Which is very satisfying.

Re: specific techniques, if your equipment and interface can handle it, you can get some great granular textures. And if you’re getting MIDI buffer overflows with external equipment, try driving a VST in the box.


I’ve been doing something similar with the opsix but using Pam’s New Workout and a Befaco CV Thing to send CCs. It really opens up the possibilities

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I would say a Nord Drum 2 - it’s really not just a drum machine.


I’ve been looking around my studio and trying to identify bits of gear that might be worth trying to glitch out via MIDI. I have two of the large format Strymon pedals (Big Sky & Mobius) and it seems that they have a pretty comprehensive MIDI implementation, so I’ll be trying those out this weekend.

Somehow I have the impression that Strymon will have implemented some kind of CC smoothing so that they don’t get toooooo glitchy. Just seems like the way they do things to me. Let’s see!

NB: MIDI aside, I use the CV input on my Flint running through a VCA for many interesting effects. The CV can be assigned to any knob…reverb room size is my current go to.