Hip Hop Heads


I’ve been listening to a ton of instrumental hip hop from the digdugdiy label over the past couple years. Here’s an example of the type of stuff they put out:

That’s pretty out there, even for digdugdiy, but I love it.


I’ll second this… I’m not sure if he performs much anymore but Edan was amazing live.


Dak’s “standthis” is one of my favorite weird lofi instrumental albums. Dak is on his own wavelength. Youtube says this came out in 2015 but Leaving Records originally put it out on cassette back in 2009.


This is everything:


can’t not mention the new metro boomin’ album ‘not all heroes wear capes.’ the beats are gorgeous:


also my personal hip hop AOTY, DIE LIT:

this one’s about thugger, but the bass treatment slaps:


earl is the best around.


from the same crew, but i don’t think they like being labeled hip hop (really really great music nonetheless)
Standing on the Corner


AND this is the greatest visual/album in recent memory for me. she’s a killer


metro boomin want some more


love mike - so underrated/unsearchable (i couldn’t remember the title “renaissance man” recently and had such a hard time finding him on spotify)


I definitely recommend checking out that SOTC album i posted then, great stuff. Mike appears on a track towards the end

okay one more then i’ll stop. i have trouble describing the feeling this song (and all his other ones) give me. so good
Cities Aviv


From the beautiful “Rap Album Two” I’ve been very impressed by a track like Out of Sight

It’s such an incredible way to produce hip hop, yet it feels humble and natural

Also, I love this one by Clams Casino and Danny Brown


Sorry but:


two of my faves - clams work with lil b and danny’s atrocity exhibition were game changers for me.

are there any other lil b fans around here???


Mad love for J. Cole.


I’m far from being an hip hop expert but here are some artists whose work I really like : Saul Williams, P.O.S, Clipping, Dälek, Scroobius Pip…

I only recently discovered P.O.S and he’s quickly becoming one of my favourite of all of these artists. His “Never Better” album from 2009 is just wonderful and this 9 minutes track from his latest album is something everybody should listen to.

Some other good ones :


Scroobius Pip



Saul Williams

Sage Francis


Yeah!!! Saul Williams is stretching the genre to extreme borders and i like that



Eric B & Rakim / Boards of Canada mashup - courtesy of Autechre


I’d also like to recommend this instrumental act here:

He’s on lines as well: @kin.sventa


Damn, just went down the wormhold of Nnamdi. Really interesting dude - the variety is awesome !