Hip Hop Heads


There’s so much I can say about this topic, but let me say this… I’m a few days older than Big Daddy Kane, so work backwards from there. :sunglasses:

Extra credit goes to whomever knows the origin of my profile image.


Ah ! I’m very glad if I helped you discover his work.


It’s killing me. Please spill the beans. Stick figures + hip-hop always make me think of Keith Haring and A Tribe Called Quest, but this is neither.


Thank you! Got a song on that tape called “bucle for lines” much love to this place :pray:t4:


It’s from Mantronix at the time of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Madness.

Not everyone loved that album as insanely as I did, but the composition and energy of it blew my mind. I listened to it so much. It was out of print for a really long time, so I’m just glad to have it again.

I feel the same way about Sly & Robbie’s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhythm_Killers, but I digress, even though there’s some hip-hop on that album too, in the form of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, etc.

The singles had different color variations on the artwork. The one I chose as a profile image is recursively cheeky, because it’s from their single, “Who Is It?”

Edit: Correction. The one I ended up using for the profile image is from their single, “Simple Simon”. According to discogs, the design is from Ranch Associates. It reminded 17 year-old me very much of something influenced by Adrian Brody, like the graphics work he did for Cabaret Voltaire and Face magazine, etc. I was already a fan of Mantronix by then, but I was also ALL ABOUT that kind of design stuff at the time too.


Some random picks - aside from the 1st, a little different lane than others in the thread:

Been thinking about this Beatless/Madlib track recently. I used the flip (‘Dominant’) on a mix years ago and was always super into it.

Mac Mall, Mac Dre, E-40 - Dredio
Always loved how grimy it sounded. Such a great bay moment.

San Quinn’s flow!


My taste in hip-hop is pretty tied to where i’ve spent time - early adolescence in LA blowing most of my allowance at Fat Beats (or on crazy expensive Jungle/Drum and Bass import 12"s), college in the bay when hyphy was picking up (which led to people making sure i knew more of mobb music beyond the more ‘conscious’/underground stuff i was familiar with (hiero/souls of mischief, solesides, etc)) down to Houston for a summer, then time back in LA when Stones Throw was living off of Madvillainy which funded much more left-field stuff.


Ah, yes! Thanks for that.

And I came to Sly & Robbie via Bill Laswell.


has anyone else listened to the new earl sweatshirt album? the beats are beautiful, it’s vintage kanye meets the caretaker.


Yes. First thing I did this morning was blast it. Been on repeat all day. Definitely his most stand-up, unblinking record yet. An evolution of hiphop production.

This, Medhane and Daytona edit: Everything’s FINE!! some of the records of the year.


Great thread. Great taste in here


almost six years since Indigoism was released… one of my favorites


Just a quick listen, but really, really good. He’s moved into the whole east coast lo-fi thing which is more my kinda thing. Apparently he’s been hanging out with MIKE and a few others alot, and it shows.


I love def jux - havent seen a mention so i thought i would :slight_smile:
Love ELP - incredible producer and wordsmith and can spit with the best

Honestly i think run the jewels 2 is a masterpiece


“Madlib Meets Ethiopian Legend Ayaléw Mesfin”

edit: reminding me of Brasilintime - i really appreciate the work that Madlib and Egon do to make sure unheralded folks get some shine beyond the loop.


yessss, finally new Earl. Loving it so far.


new earl is fire. i’m in the middle of moving right now, packing my massive record collection. was thinking of selling a big chunk of my soul section. the production on it is making me think twice.


this beat


20 characters of :grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes:


I’m so in love with Peanut, it sounds like Earl going over a Ghettoville era Actress track swoon