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Interesting exhibit about the intersection of hip-hop and architecture, currently on display in Manhattan at the Center for Architecture:


Quote from the article:

Because the idea of hip-hop architecture is still very new, the design elements aren’t quite apparent yet, though Deconstructivism and Postmodernism are probably the closest reference points in forms that emphasize the design of façades, different heights for different sections of buildings, and references classical architecture. Hip-hop architecture borrows some of the visual language of both movements with an emphasis on façades and mixing multiple fragments of varied architectural styles, putting them together in unexpected ways, for example with modulations in height and width and shape, sometimes appearing as if the buildings are in motion.

melodramatic intro

despite steering nearly every other thread on this forum toward discussion of rap i have stayed out of the sanctified Rap Space because, as a dedicated practitioner, my relationship to the medium is somewhat fraught with precisely the kind of cynical backpackerism (which is really an optimism about what can be and not a nihilistic pettiness) one must grow out of in order to contribute. even seeing recommendations for artists i love (some of whom i’m blessed to call friends) tightens the knot in my chest i’ve devoted myself to cutting (executing a highly particular vision of my own voice). i see many posts here that point to tastes which overlap with my own, and which may be primed to receive me charitably.

yesterday marks the completion of my first self-produced track. it only took a week and i hope to keep that pace moving forward. with the knowledge that it’s not everything it might be, that there are no grand architects, that everything is practice, i would like to humbly place my offering in this, what i consider a Sacred Space and have until now deliberately recused myself from. may i not be smote with a pillar of fire for xposting my bedroom raps in three threads in twenty minutes.



this goes very hard, late period LUM vibes :raised_hands:

LOVE LOVE the beat


Three purchases at Amoeba yesterday. I rarely find two, let alone three, 12"s I want on the same day.



The ‘flesh’ of the track feels really vibrant (raw) and lively… that slow, listing metal whistle/whine (two-“note” repetition), and those winding, pausing arpeggios–all the activity going on, the bass, and the beat… it’s super animated and alive -sounding. It vaguely recalls tones of The Cold Vein (in a refreshing, atonal way), but that’s my lazy association / generalizing. It’s sick. nice work (!)


Anyone peep the new Hprizm (from Anti-Pop Consortium) record? I’m digging what I’ve heard.


The cold vein be the master signifier. High praise. Felt.


As far as I know, J-Live was the first to do this with “Braggin’ Writes” which was on Rawshack in the late 90s, but others might have done it first. Not to belittle Edan, though - he’s superb!


As far as listening habits - much of what I listen to has hip-hop embedded in it, but I barely listen to much rap these days. I still have time for Project Blowed & the extended family (props to the mention of Milo and Mike Eagle), people who circulated around the Ozone camp in NYC and various others, but I grew up too close to Warp Records not to have electronic sensibilities so it’s artists who blend those in that I tend to dig most. Clipping are an excellent example but it’s nice to see the likes of Priest and the APC get mentioned here too. That aside, I came up through turntablism so the likes of 1200 Hobos and BPST are massive influences. I wish DJ Signify would put out more material, but that’s another story…


20 characters of love for Rakim


i’d held back from jumping in this thread because my taste is all over the map and spans decades

once i saw your post that jogged my memory and made me want to share one pivotal album that shaped me

i was still in school during the early days of internet radio streams and, being a fan of turntablism and uk djs, eventually stumbled on turntableradio

i think the hosts were kper and 2tall at the time (laurent fintoni and jim coles aka om unit)
in any case i loved what i heard from needlework records especially your beats and chops on this 12"

really changed my view of hip hop production at the time and set a standard to shoot for in my own work

a few yrs later i lost the physical copy of this ep in a house fire


yeah it was definitely 09

i remember cause it was a time period where i was obsessed with dublab and finding beat tapes

had just discovered mark auberts work and felt sick to my stomach that i missed out on the physical release so (somehow these dots connected in my head) when MD and jesselisa started a label i didnt know dak well at all but liked the mp3 preview and artwork enough to impulse buy

also i’m reasonably sure he’d already collab’d with Ras G in 2008 on the track shinelight

that was the first exposure to DAKIM for a lot of hip hop heads who followed Daddy Kev on FB or checked alphapup’s blog at the time

also my random entry for this thread
a fav from this year which made me break my no-rap rule


I’ve been avoiding this record because I don’t really care for Jean Grae’s solo stuff (though she’s a funny and brilliant person when I’ve seen her live). I’m glad you posted this, super enjoyable (and I forgot I’d heard and enjoyed Quelle Chris before). Going to check out the rest of the record now, thanks!

edit: so a friend just schooled me on 2000s era Jean Grae, and I rescind my comment about her solo work. Damn.


Whoaaaaa, Peacock is so good https://quellechris360.bandcamp.com/track/peacock

That granular-y synth pad thing is tripping me out.


glad you dig it

for me it’s hard to believe she’s so funny

first heard her on some bootleg napster or kazaa downloads of the roots and their collaborators &
still haven’t listened to much of her catalog

actually haven’t heard the rest of that album (and here i am recommending it to you lol)


The whole album is great, I’m recommending to you your own recommendation!


Ah, man - I don’t know what to say to that! Thanks immensely for sharing, it means a load to hear that it did something for you. Around that time I was obsessed with EPs and when I made the album that followed I was adamant that I wanted to do another 28min release. Ultimately Trick wanted me to make a “proper” album so I basically used some of the offcuts from the EP and tried to make them work. As a result ‘Sci-Fu’ still sounds like an EP with some filler on it, which makes it really hard to be proud of, but ‘Game Face’ (apart from the goofy front cover) is everything I intended it to be and I still have love for it (and copies of the 12" so if you want to replace your cover we’ll do a trade!) I put all that stuff up as MP3s on my Tumblr page ages ago if you want any of it. You can get there using http://www.petesasqwax.co.uk

I was trying to remember when me & Trick stopped doing RI and handed it over to Lo, but my memory is shot completely. I was looking through the online archives after reading your post though and there’s some great stuff still there that he put up. The mix that Christian (Son of a Bricklayer) did is a particular highlight. Shame that Gone Beyond’s mix is no more. I might hit him up and see if he still has a copy somewhere.


Also I have to support the Jean Grae shout - she’s incredible and has been ever since I first heard her as part of Natural Resource when she used to go by What?What?

She also produced most of the early Makin’ Records 12"s under the name Run Run Shaw because she didn’t think people would take her seriously if she used her own name. I always find that crazy - even more so because she was unfortunately probably right.


Ah why could i not remember Mr. trick and Rhythm Incursions???
THAT’S who was hosting

Kper mightve guest hosted and went on to do his own thing but yall were the regulars

Hugely underrated show!