Hip Hop Heads


Shouts to Lo - he took it on when we couldn’t find the time any more. Also he went on to become one of my favourite journalists, which is dope!



:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


'…and even the gringos…


Been really digging this tune, i love how it opens


At the risk of being partisan (and perhaps repetitive as I dunno if I posted this). I loooove Mistah Bohze (Glasgow hip-hop MC from waaay back in the day - part of II tone committee and sentinalez).

Soul U gotz is awesome (and the vid was shot on the Cathcart Circle train! My usual train home).


YO. That Tierra Whack album/video is sooooo next level.


This guy came up on a youtube feed the other day, and it’s such a good album!


love listening to slowed down music <3


Love it! Thanks for sharing.


Hard not to listen to this album often.


Happy Dilla Day, folks.


Shout out to House Shoes and this MAGIC mix.



This is excellent! :ok_hand:t2:


Ok, the Rage song, yeah, cool, I was an angsty twelve year old boy when it came out, so I’ll always be into it in a nostalgic way. But this guy? Man. I’m now a Denzel Curry fan…


i know i’ve posted about carti on here multiple times, sorry! i’m fascinated by the deconstructive flow he’s been using since Die Lit. it’s easy to dismiss him for his lack of “substance,” but it’s undeniably unique. maybe he’s the elizabeth fraser of comtemporary rap…

i heard this song in a skate video last weekend after not listening to it since this album came out, and it’s been in my head ever since. i go back to the beginning every time yachty’s verse starts lol.

also i’m sure it wasn’t, but the little synth loop could have totally been made with mannequins w/ !! sounds like random voltage going into w/ tape speed to me.


production on this navy blue thing is uniformly sick


check out Nostalgic 64! It’s dope.

I like his new album as well, but at some point he switched to a fulltimeangryrapping style that I don’t dig quite as much.

He’s obviously a treasure tho – south florida represent \o/


it’s kinda old, but since we’re talking Yachty

this is… one of the most joyful rap tracks … ever? And the video is great imo. The piano in the swamp and the recorder? So good.