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20 chars of dat pup doe!

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~40 minutes of new tunes performed live by Nickelus F and OHBLIV

(it’s amazing what someone proficient with an sp-404 can do)


ruby yacht live.


not really feelin the lyricist but bliv is as good as always

thanks for the tip
hadnt heard of this series yet


I saw Phony Ppl at Blue Note in NYC over the weekend. They were so killing and seem to have so much fun on stage.

Mosaic is in my top albums of 2018.


yeah. He’s obviously a fairly talented writer/freestyler/whatever-er but kind of lacks charisma/delivery/timbre-of-interest. I see why he ghost writes for people :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you dig, my first time hearing of this series as well. Seems new?

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Noticed earthgang wasn’t mentioned yet, so here we go :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been a sucker for boom bap stuff. I had never heard of this guy until about a month ago.


Ohbliv is so amazing—I’ve played a few shows with him where he’s done all solo instrumental beats, and he just puts the 404 on a stool, plugs it in to a PA and plays for over an hour. It’s incredible.


Ah cool to see Dibiase here ! That’s my bad for not mentionning it earlier in favor of more “trendy” names but he’s very much on most of my home rap playlists too, thank you for correcting that omission ! He sometimes share some of his process on twitter / insta too if you’re curious.

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finally getting into some old memphis stuff beyond three six and tommy wright iii this weekend


Legowelt did a series of Memphis rap mixes that are pretty good, you can find them at the bottom of the page here - http://legowelt.org/mixes/

No tracklists, unfortunately.


lol at the contact number. Thanks for sharing this.


Listening to this today, such good stuff, thanks for sharing.


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I fluctuate in and out of listening to Swedish hip hop as a few of my favorites aren’t putting out tracks too frequently. This just recently came out in February and it honestly sounds like it belongs in a movie.


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DJ Paul reposting Inzane Johnny??? talk about worlds colliding.


yeah he’s a legend

great follow if you’re into twitter
drops a lot of in progress beats and general wisdom

also he can make a solid beat with anything…literally
i’ve been most impressed by his pocket operator joints


I find Quelle Chris last track incredible, it also sadly relates to the current rap news cycle… Powerful song.


never heard a nip verse in my life but it’s crazy reading how much impact he had on folk around him and his local community

such a shame