Hip Hop Heads

such a loss for crenshaw and los angeles, and all of us

couldn’t believe people were all about eminem when nipsey and yg already had the best rebuke of trump back in 2016, gotta bring this back for 2020 – mods if this belongs in the democracy thread feel free to move it :stuck_out_tongue:


Not super into lyrics these days, but in no particular order:


Also I do run a (mostly) hiphop

And my hiphop stuff:

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this is a modern masterpiece

true to the essence

get to know ben hixon
this track put me in a good mood lately
love his beats


Would love for you guys to check out my good friend who I collaborate with a good bit who just released this track/video. Very lyrical, amazing storyteller. Brilliant mind.

yeah i kinda slept on him even tho i have some of his tapes

always preferred other heads i heard from the scene but started comin around more last yr and studying his mindset

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That Gangster Doodle music vol.1 kills me! So many styles so many diverse artists so much good taste!

I didn’t realize Yo Gotti actually came out of the memphis scene, and was doing amazing ish when he was like 15.


unsurprisingly the new billy woods record is very sick

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Have been listening to this at least once a month since it came out.


big big vibe, also old memphis

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Agreed - all things Woods touches of late are pure sickness. Have you seen the Blockhead video with him, OME and Breeze Brewin’?

Love Mick. I first discovered him on a track on the debut BadBadNotGood LP. I then listened to The Water[s] and loved it. I have to say he sounds a bit like Andre from Outkast.

any tisakorean fans around here? i feel like he’s the heir to the early soulja boy dance rap throne

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My friend Kris just upgraded his Button Box device to allow it to connect to (and send CV signals to) synths. Basically the Button Box originally allowed you to turn a Vestax PDX into a Controller One, but since then he’s pushed things wayyyy beyond just that (as if that alone wasn’t incredible enough!)

You want to scratch with your modular? OK then!


oh wow. A friend and I were (lightly) trying to figure out how to make control vinyl work with CV, glad to see that someone had the follow through to execute on it. Tis even more glorious than I’d imagined.

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To watch him work through the process - even just through Instagram posts - has been incredible and I know he’s only just scraping the surface of what he can and will do with it!

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straight sauce.

any love for Outkast here??

where are my ATL people at??