Holiday Gratitude


Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy holiday season, whatever one may or may not celebrate, believe, etc…

I am particularly grateful for having discovered this community and taking my first steps into the incredible musical and philosophical richness manifested here every day.

Not to mention the patience and generosity in nurturing the honest seeker through the growing pains of newb-ism…

I look forward to partaking in whatever greatness is coming to Lines in 2019!

Thanks to all!


Merry Holidays and happy Christmas.

I’m glad to find this site, the really helpful people on the forums!


Yes! Thank you all for being so awesome! The level of discourse, respect, and care here is really top notch! Hope you’re all warm and well in this time of long dark nights.


Absolutely grateful for this community and what we have. Much love to everyone and here’s to 2019!


Yeah I am clearly into this “place” - I got a badge thing last week for having shown up 100 days running, which kinda surprised me.

I ended up here via the Disquiet Junto and have never played with a (hardware) modular and probably never will, so always feel a bit at a tangent to a lot of the conversation here. Not that that’s any kind of a big deal - I’m not looking to join some online club, just to share with interesting folks. :slight_smile:

I’ve been faffing about in online music communities since before web forums existed and this is one of the most enjoyable I’ve been a part of.

Now going back to playing with shortwave radio as an impulse to a convolution reverb… :smiley:


it’s like having smart homies in the studio you don’t have to talk to if you don’t wanna. and they don’t mind your smell. or the ants in the studio. or the horrifying screeches pouring out of the monitors as you bumble through ripping off their most cherished patches.


I don’t own any modular gear or any monome products, but I still come here because you’re all so sweet and kind. Best wishes to all for the season and the new year.


Likewise @eblomquist, I have discovered more great music and music makers through this community than through any other source in as long as I can remember, looking forward to new challenges and discoveries in 2019, glasses raised to a fantastic community!