Homemade drum sequencer


I’m building my own modular, and I finished building a drum sequencer that I called BYTES. I called it this way because each pattern is made of a binary numbers as big as 1 byte. It has 8 voices, up to 8 bars each, and 8 steps per bar.

My modular is made of modules that have no patch cables on the front, and only 1 or 2 in the back that connects each modules to communicate using midi. It follows the physical format of Eurorack.

I have currently programmed a synth (SimpleSynth, I posted about it), a percussion synth (similar to Syncussion), a drum synth (DS9), a drum sequencer (BYTES), and I am working on a few other modules.

BYTES is the first module that I make with a more professional quality.

I open source everything I build on GitHub.

Here is a demo where BYTES is sequencing DS9:

Here is a video of its assembly:

Photos of the front panel made of PCB:


Great work! Whats your github?
Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks like: https://github.com/ghostintranslation


Thanks, yep my GitHub is https://github.com/ghostintranslation

I created the BYTES repo recently so this one is in an early stage.


Thanks for the heads up! Turns out i was already following you at github :slight_smile:
Are you going you going you going you going to share pcb/panels?


Yes I plan on sharing the PCBs too and everything needed to make it. I just want to try everything before. I’m planning multiple modules at the same time now so it all follows the same design rules, and I’ll share then when tested together.

BYTES for example, after being able to test it I’m planing a v2 that will be easier to use and follow the same design as the rest of the modules,

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Ah yes it looks similar indeed