Homemade instruments

Did you make an instrument?
Post some pictures and/or sounds here!

I got excited today as I just finished making this Gieskes inspired Quad VU Percussion case/module/instrument, which made me wonder about what crazy things you guys made…

Seems like it could be an exciting thread for vthe ||||||||, no?


this is absolutely rad! love my gieskes vu-percs, only got 2 but i do have a dream of having a full row of them.
would you be able to post some recordings?

and a great idea for a thread (wish I had something to contribute, maybe it’ll be the incentive)



my first diy synth project from a few years ago:

circuits by eric archer (andromeda space rockers) / bleep labs (nebulophone) / wooster audio (space baby delay)

they can all be synced to the same clock, or run independently

the largest module is a dual 4-channel mixer

i only ended up making 4 wooden knobs :slight_smile:


That looks aewsome @shellfritsch !
Reminds me of the new Bastl euro case with all wooden panels.
Youshoul totally make th rest of the knobsA C’mon! :smile:

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It’s just a simple MIDI sequencer, but it was fun to hack on:


Beautiful @uniontownlabs !
Watching you shape that wood slab is truly precious!

In comparison to your lovely, organic, natural sensibility, my rusted metal case, housing broken pieces of electronic detritus, looks like a piece of some post-apocalyptic junk…

@laborcamp thanks, that’s very kind, but they are just different styles. yours is very inspiring. do you have any audio or video of it in action?

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Not quite yet :smile: @uniontownlabs
I truly just finished the thing today, and hardly had the time to actually explore it musically…

Hi, this is my homemade modular:

There are some modules from Thomas Henry: two 555 vco, one VCA-1 and the power supply.
Also there are some schmitz’s modules (http://www.schmitzbits.de/) and an arduino module developed by myself (the one in the center connected to the ps2 keyboard), hopefully I’ll be sharing the code for this module as soon as it gets to a decent status. And more modules are coming up next as there is so much space left in this eurorack style case.

Some samples (more like sound tests) can be found in my soundCloud site:


what does the keyboard do?

^^^ good question!

also love the look of totally blank panels. makes it clear that one HAS to know this think inside and out.

That´s the point on the unlabeled look, also it promotes unexpected results when not knowing exactly what you are connecting.

The ps2 keyboard tells the arduino CV/Gate secuencer module what secuence to play, when and how. The letters and numbers are mapped to midi notes, and the other keys have their functions as well. There is also a pot in the panel to control analog changes like playback speed, probability of played notes, and such. I will make a deeper explanation of this when I have it ready to share.


This is my hand made synth, DETHKLOK with a DIY eurorack case sitting on top (have to fill it up now)

Older picture with my arduinome.

It’s based on an ASM-2 board from elby designs, the case is made out of my great grandfathers old toolbox and an upcycled G5 case side.

Work in progress, non published tune featuring a lot of sounds from the modular


The new site here is real nice BTW.


beautiful sights + sounds in this thread

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This is lovely. Have you considered making any to sell?

there was one short comment on one of his instagram photos saying there was a korg monotron inside the first machine here in the video where i’ve directly linked. so it makes me think there is something similar in the other units…


i n s a n e !
in a really good way!

wow, cool thread -some really interesting work… plan to post too …when guidelines allow.

a few bits and bobs some still in the works some on the shelf…