Homemade instruments


Here’s my most recent ‘thing’ (which I have already posted on here, but just in case you missed it).

I’ve actually just finished a new version of the PCB which is considerably narrower (8HP).

I’ve made a little case with 3 of these in all running different firmware. See www.cutlasses.co.uk for a bit more info…


Nice. What are the features of the firmware variants?


There’s the GlitchDelay, which was inspired by some of the Aleph patches from @dspk

The other one is still a work in progress. I’m calling it KhronoKrusher, it’s a delay (with adjstable lo-pass filter on feedback), going into reverb (freeverb), and finally into a bitcrusher. The plans is to be able to use it like a standard delay/reverb, and use the bitcrusher to splutter out the reverb tails.


@marcus_fischer demo of the 3 firmware variants here


DIY cracklebox, VHS tape stylophones and MFOS synth box housed in cigar boxes


Does this count?:

My friends and I built a full size TARDIS console that’s a midi controller with ableton under the hood.


Oooooooo how do the VHS stylophones work? Any directions online? They look so fun.


Let me see if I can dig up documentation for it :sweat_smile:. I built it as part of a circuit building course a while ago.

It basically functions like a stylophone except pitch is not stepped (just glissando) with a tremolo section that can self-oscillate. The one on the bottom right has 2 tapes (I think VHS + 1/4") wired in series for more range.



Looks like the Lil Sid I made in February, but more refined! Beautiful job!


Working on a spring drone instrument. there is a piezo in the metal can at the end. It’s not as noisey as id like it and I need to experiment more with differnt springs and tin cans. Also getting the ebows at just the right height takes some doing…if I had angled the spring height from bridge to can it would have been better.


odd ball percussion clacker toy sculpture


i tried drilling each of the heatsink fins to a differnt depth to get each click sounding a different note but the effect was pretty subtle. the fact that i didnt quite get the spindle central and the attack varies from loud to soft makes more of a difference.


Looks neat, would bowing it work?


never tried bowing springs…sort of sceptical but theres no reason not to try it. Ill report back…