Hopping on a show in Boston / NYC?

hi folks,

doing some traveling through the second half of this month/into next month and have a few pieces that I’ve been working on for a while and would love to share with others. no expectations especially as this is last minute, but would love to hop on a house show or add a warm synthy wash to a comedy/variety show (p much all I do in Chicago :relaxed:) or gallery event – just wanted to meet some more lines friends IRL and maybe get some recording done in a performance setting.

dates available (inclusive):
Boston/surrounding areas: 10/19-10/22
NYC: 11/1-11/3

approximate vibes:


tech details, if helpful: monome/mannequins 104hp with pedals and op-1. improvisation within precomposed systems. comfortable with and prepared for 15 - 35 minutes.

any leads / opportunities would be wicked appreciated and readily reciprocated for anyone’s Chicago travel!



@dan_derks we’ll set up the big speakers in the barn, have cameras!


please do this please


for real??
brian. that’d be so rad. would love to bring everything back to the farm and let them wander familiar grounds.
would also be a primo excuse to capture more tehn in the wild :smirk:


ahh! i will be back from tour and in those areas during those dates. must hang in some way :mage:

edit: will be in nyc/upstate for the november dates… still on the road during oct. ok got some brainstorming to do

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x 1000000!