Hopscotch - MIDI rhythmic arpeggiator


8-voice MIDI rhythmic arpeggiator for norns.


Here’s something I’ve been working on in my spare time. It’s a midi sequencer/arpeggiator kind of thing inspired by the Spitfire Stratus plugin.

Play up to 8 notes on a midi controller, then those notes will be split up and play independent rhythmic sequences that can be sent off to any midi channel. There is some random octave shifting too. Basically, you play some chords, and then it makes it seem like you are playing something much more complex.

It still needs some work, but it’s in a playable state now. This is my first norns script, and it has been super fun to work on.

Using Hopscotch

Play some notes with a MIDI input device and Hopscotch will map each note to its own selectable rhythm sequence. There is a 20% chance that the note will play 1 octave higher or lower when it is triggered. The output can be sent to a variety of devices. If using MIDI out, each of the 8 voices can be sent to any MIDI channel. Voices are assigned in the order that they are played, with each new note taking the first available space.

Hardware requirements

  • MIDI device to input notes
  • A supported output device (see below)

You can choose input and output devices in the params menu.

Currently supported output devices

  • MIDI out
  • Internal norns out with Polyperc (for now)
  • Just Friends via Crow (only supports 6 voices)

Select a Sequence

Use encoder 2 to select which voice you would like to modify. Encoder 3 chooses the sequence.

The ! option assigns a random sequence to that voice whenever a new note is played.

Select a MIDI channel

Note: You must choose MIDI as your output device to see these options

Hold shift (key 1) to swap the sequencer options with MIDI channel options. Select which voice you want to modify with encoder 2, and choose a MIDI channel with encoder 3.


  • K1: shift - change midi channel
  • K3: hold on/off
  • E2: select a parameter
  • E3: adjust parameter

Future Plans

  • tweak default sequences to be more interesting
  • get it talking to Just Friends via crow
  • use grid to adjust note sequences

Wow, just yesterday I thought that I want to look for something like this!

Hm…I don’t understand why, but I can’t get it to work, I have configured the input and output, but nothing happens when I play the midi keyboard, no outgoing midi comes to Ableton Live. I checked all the commutation on the flora script and everything works as it should, the midi comes from the keyboard to norns and goes to Ableton via usb.


that’s a bummer. is there any action on the Norns screen? I’m wondering if you’re not getting the midi into the Norns or if it’s not sending it out properly.

actually, I’m having issues with it now. I must have broken it recently. fix incoming…

No action on the screen when I press the keyboard

I just pushed up an update. There is a bug with the way I set up the midi params. I removed the script-specific stuff, and now it just uses the system midi device 1 as input and device 2 as output. I’ll update the docs until I fix the param stuff.

Pull down the new version and see if you have better luck now. Sorry about that!

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Now the midi-in parameter is missing

yeah, it just uses the Norns system settings for the midi devices now. so you can go to SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI and set device 1 with your input and device 2 as your output.

I’ll have a fix for the param settings (probably like tomorrow?) but in the meantime, the device settings should work fine.

I pushed up another update. It brings back the MIDI devices to the params menu. You just gotta choose an input and output via device number there. Sorry for the temporary hiccup.


Now everything works!

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Chiptune oscillator for the NTS-1 has an arpeggiator, the NTS-1 has its own arpeggiator i like to clock with Bastl Kastle. And now this.

Kaos, I welcome you!

Edit: I’ve been to places today with this! Thank you


this is awesome! I’m glad you’re enjoying it

Third day straight with it, it’s an amazing dub gererator! :lion:


I’ve seen the clips you’ve been posting on instagram. Super awesome stuff!!

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This is immediately one of my favorite scripts. I use a lot of Spitfire stuff but this just makes anything super dynamic and usable. Thank you for developing it! Will be using it to create non-typical ostinati in my compositions!


That’s great to hear! It’s really exciting to see people use this thing.

In other news, I have Just Friends working as an output device locally. I’d like to test it a bit more before putting it out into the world, but I think it should happen this week.


I updated Hopscotch to add some basic Just Friends support via Crow over i2c. I haven’t really had a real chance to test it super thoroughly, but I think it should be ok. It’s easy enough to revert it if I accidentally broke everything.


is this available from maiden to download?

no, not yet. I’ve been hesitant to post it there or norns.community until it was proven not completely broken. I guess it’s been around long enough to be on there now though. I will do that soon.


just gonna say that this script is awesome and needs more exposure.


This script does look cool. Keen to try but how do I install ?

Really enjoying this script! You can get some neat results when you use multiple channels for multiple synths. I have the Stratus plug in and really enjoy the freedom this script gives in choosing your own output and channels.

Is there some description of what the sequence symbols mean?

I find it hard to control the timing when I stagger notes when I lay down chords. Is there some way to hear a metronome from Norns or within the app?

I’m still figuring out a lot with Norns, but here’s how I got it installed.

Go to the Github link (at the start of the thread), download the zip, then use an ftp program to send the hopscotch folder (from the Github folder) into your Norns under /home/we/dust/code. If you haven’t used ftp to look into your Norns before, there are tutorial files that can help, like this one. Hope that helps!

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