Horizontalpitch is back (latest article: midcentury modular)


Our interview and “chosen wave” article with r beny is now online on horizontalpitch.com:


I hope it is ok if I update here about new articles!


Kudos! Another really enjoyable read. Great to get a little insight into Austin’s process - I’ve been enjoying Saudade a lot since it came out (a truly lovely follow-on from the also-excellent Cascade Symmetry).

Thanks for sharing this - I for one hope you continue to update here when you post something new.


It was about time! I was enjoying it a lot when it was regular! And nice interview with @rbeny, one of the few people that can use Rings without annoying me :smiley:


Yeah we were having quite a long discussion about Rings with Austin, because I really like how he uses it, and the fact that he really knows it inside out and where to find the sweet spots.
There’s really many people who use it in uninteresting ways, mostly because they are content with the superficial use one can make of it. As I was saying to him, in my opinion the thing is that:

if you take a classic analogue oscillator and just run its output into the mixer, it will sound like shit. I mean it will be totally boring, since you just get this one static buzzing sound that you can’t listen to for more than 5 seconds. This invites you to process, modulate and transform the sound. It invites you to do something with this raw matter that is the oscillator sound. With Rings you get that you can just trigger it and it will sound like something. If your expectations of a modular sound is modest and you don’t have much of a vision, then that might be enough for you. So the problem with Rings is probably that it does not force you to go deeper.

Of course there’s a bit of a hyperbole here :slight_smile: but I guess you understand what I want to say nonetheless.


Check out what Billy Gomberg (@baleen) does with Rings, far away from the standard stuff. I also like what Lightbath (@fourhexagons) and Emily Sprague (@stripes) create with it.


Yep, second that! Spoiler alert: there might be some chosen waves about those people coming soon on horizontalpitch :slight_smile:


Yeah, he’s not completely alone, but they’re a small number in respect to the number of people that have Rings and post videos on the 'net. :wink:

Bonus content: my lcrp track made with Rings into Clouds :sunny:

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Just would like to say, it was a pleasure talking to @papernoise for Horizontalpitch! Thank you for having me. Ann Annie’s interview is a great read.

Also, this is my first post here, despite being a “member” of the forum since 2016. So, HI :slight_smile:


get those badges dude


I’m continually blown away by the variety and depth of the membership here. As an outside participant who appreciates all of the deep creativity and sharing of knowledge, passion, and love here, it’s a joy to be a part of this. Thank you and everyone else here who shares your music and creativity and love of life!


Welcome here then! :slight_smile:
And thank you again for the great interview!


I don’t usually update for new posts here, but since @baleen is a forum member here it seems appropriate.

So here comes the latest HP article with an interview with the great (and always inspiring) Billy Gomberg:

which fits nicely with what Jonny said above:


hey so I’m happy to be here to answer q’s and clarify anything I left vague or…whatever comes up as folks here read through this. I don’t try to keep much about the technical/material/process side of my work “secret,” but I don’t often discuss these things - consider the discussion open if you feel like hanging in with me.

thanks to Hannes for reaching out and including me, reading my responses and editing together into something (appropriately) coherent


With great pleasure I can now announce that another lines forum member was featured on Horizontalpitch. The lastest Chosen Wave article is about midcentury modular (aka @jlmitch5) and his recently released album arps

Check it out here:


It was a lot of fun to talk to @papernoise and try to articulate some of the details of my process and how it has adapted over time. Also, here is some specific info about how I used just type in that song I had posted a while back in the teletype workflow for dummies thread!


I hadn’t read Horizontalpitch before. Some great material in there (both the music and the words about music) :smiley:

@baleen’s music makes me want to get back into Rings. It was one of the first modules I bought (along with Tides and Peaks) and I got some cool stuff out of it early on, but as I got more gear I fell out of the habit of using it so much.

As far as using pedals with Eurorack goes, I kind of like the separation between them, the different “formats.” Different thinking seems to go into the design, and the use too. Also I think the different gain staging results in a bit more noise and character :slight_smile:


That is a neat way to look at it! Thinking about it, I find myself often turning pedals off and back on to see how they effect the overall patch, which is not something I tend to patch up the ability to do within the modular system (though thinking about this makes me interested in trying that sometime).

It’s also convenient that the pedals in my system have dry/wet mix control, so that I can pull in as much as I need.


Wet/dry is something I miss on my Rat clone. Not a normal control for guitar distortion, but for synth it seems like it might be useful.

With a couple more 3.5mm to 1/4" cables I guess I could use my Blender for that though, hmm.


happy to inspire! Tides/Sheep and Plaits have become my big companion for Rings lately, in a setup without Elements, so i’ve very much been finding new voices in there. which of course makes me want to get Elements back in there, etc etc

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I use a cheap mixer with a fx send for that. You can also use it to feedback.

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