an NLC Let’s Splosh-inspired modulator designed for @andrew’s growing m4l collection.

I’ve been in the hospital for the last few days with a perforated appendix and while the nursing staff has been nothing but sweet, engaged and fun, the first 40 hours were super boring. when racquel was able to visit again, she brought my computer and I dove deep into the m4l tools that andrew has been releasing. they’re absolutely incredible.

the only thing I wished for was a control / modulator layer. I love nlc’s ‘let’s splosh’, so I took the basic maths of the schematic and flipped it into a lil’ m4l device that has plenty of mappings to control yr faves from andrew’s suite!

the four foods have been renamed to the items I was allowed on my liquid diet:


the device is basically made of four cycle~ objects following this comparator:

nb: I’m feeling healthy and doing well, no need for concern!


Ableton Live
Max for Live
any of the m4l devices andrew’s released (recommended)


  • load up hospital_food.amxd on any track in Live.
  • the two number boxes underneath each food will determine the frequency of each cycle~ device under the hood.
  • the first box (float) will help keep things lfo-y. the second box (integer) is there as a multiplier, to help things get weird if you need it.
  • once you have some float values selected for each food, you’ll see the matrix of black boxes in the main part of the device rise, fall, and jump. it’s working!
  • to use these modulations, click Map and select the parameter on any device you’d like. you can even map hospital_food back onto itself! I like modulating two of the floats while keeping the other two constant.
  • use the attenuators above each Map button to keep things “musically useful” – I found that small modulation ranges can sometimes lead to more dramatic effects than big jumps, especially with filter cutoffs.


v1.0.0 - hospital_food.amxd (2.4 MB)


if you aren’t already out of the hospital I hope your recovery is swift!


I’ve already had way too much fun with this - fully encapsulates the way that all of these have taken on a life of their own after me releasing them. I actually forgot that there were LFOs in ableton until I started posting in library (!)

this is v definitely an ecosystem forming - so cool to see contributions from others

also I am editing this post after having returned to this page for maybe the 5th time just to listen to the demo


Glad to hear you’re doing better!


that demo is delightful dan! its incredibly inspiring that you made such a productive thing out of a hospital visit


ha, dan this is great - have you shared this with andrew yet? he’s prob get a kick out of it!


Sounds fantastic! Maybe I need to rupture my appendix :laughing:

But in all seriousness, hope you’re mended soon!


thx for the warm thoughts, all. it’s nice to be out (got discharged about an hour ago) and I’m glad I got to make something to share out of it :slight_smile:

not w/ NLC andrew, that’s a very fun idea!

NO. but for real, mine was only perforated and it was antibiotics and 4 days in the hospital. I still have the lil’ jag in my body, trying to keep it chill on a diet of antibiotics for the next 9 days. it would have been an entirely different (and worse) story if it had ruptured. I was very very lucky that things went down this way.

also, super huge thanks to @barnjazz for watching our puppy while racquel visited and managed the day-to-day stuff w/me out of commission.

ask for opinions: my first fresh air since Thursday got me wondering if I shouldn’t rename the device perforate, which feels more canonical + a bit less on-the-nose – but hospital_food also sorta feels akin to the absurdity of ‘let’s splosh!’ as a name. what do y’all think?


“hospital food” is too good of a name to give up imo


Glad you’re feeling well, Dan! That demo is killer. I’m loving this influx of M4L around here.


I happen to work in acute gastrosurgical ward and one of my patients ran a political campaign from the hospital bed, but this tops it. Have a good recovery!

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glad you’re on the mend dan! hospital_food is a great name - will stand out very nicely

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this file is absolutely bonkers. i refuse to read about how to use it. just clicking. :gift_heart:

thank you!!


“Liquid Diet” would be the only acceptable alternative to “hospital_food.”

“perforate” would be good for an album or a longer non-demo recording made using this device?

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