Hotel Neon - Moments

Since 2013 I’ve played with a trio called Hotel Neon, and we make generally “atmospheric” ambient music. We’ve released a new album called “Moments” and it’s out now digitally, and also in the form of a CD package on Sound in Silence Records (Athens, Greece).

The majority of the sounds on this album were made by sampling acoustic instrumentation like pianos, strings, and guitars. These samples were then stretched and heavily processed with iOS apps and modular equipment, arranged into something resembling a live performance, and then finally pushed through cassette tape recorders for extra saturation. The end result is a collection of hushed, melancholic pieces with lots of static noise and texture.

It was an extremely therapeutic experience to create this album, and I hope it can offer a few moments of calm for you. Thanks to Taylor Deupree for mastering the album and to Benoît Pioulard for the moody polaroid SX-70 cover photo.


I look forward to listening to this! I’ve been a fan of your dense and radiant drone for a few years now. It’s easy to let the darkness seep in but you always seem to keep it at bay. Thank you for the peace you bring!

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Thanks, that’s super kind! I appreciate that description. I have heard that word “radiant” used several times when talking to folks after shows, so I think I’m going to steal it for the next time I have to struggle through a bio for pre-album press releases :joy:

You guys have been my number one played artists on Spotify for about 5 years straight now. I love the new stuff a lot :slight_smile: keep em coming

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Nice work!! That was an easy purchase. Congrats on the release.

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