How about a 3 output Switch?

As there are 3 modules out for Monome I’d be all over a 3 output switch. Even a DIY kit would amply do the trick. I thought about buying a second Switch but wouldnt that overpower the Grid?

wouldn’t you just buy two switch modules?
A1 earthsea
B1 out to input of second switch module (A to B usb cable)
A2 meadowphysics
B2 white whale

Thought about that but would you than just need one powersupply?

fwiw I bought two switches and two modules, and put a single module/switch combo in my two main performance cases

I can play either independently with the 128 + with or without a macbook, or side by side together in various combos.

I’m also guessing there’ll be more modules in future, and I’ll end up with two per case.

How about like a 10 output switch?! or a 100 output switch?

HOW ABOUT A 512 button monome?!

We’ve been here before people. Bigger isn’t always better.


that escalated quickly

i think 3 output switch is not a crazy/unreasonable hypothetical idea…

i believe somone (not us) was working on a 3 output switch.

it’s the most simple passive design ever, if someone wants to take it on.

for my own use, i have one port of the switch hooked to the computer, and the other to the modular. i hot-patch between modules as it helps me remember what’s going on much more clearly.

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sorry, wasn’t meant to sound agro. With the beauty of hot patching, I don’t understand the switch.

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yeah no worries

i shouldnt even be in this conversation cause i’ve not used the modules yet myself

Well I find the switch quite convenient. I haven’t thought about using it with my Mac too! That sounds cool. About the hotswapping: it might be practical for some people, but with larger systems like mine I think it is way more practical to just have to switch an not reach for the entangled cable…