How are you packing your grids/arcs/norns?

I found some recommendations on the old forum (for example) but I wonder what the current state of the art is? In particular I’m thinking about a case for the new arc and grid (ideally together).

Thanks in advance!

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dude, thanks for posting this one!
looks incredibly useful for 128, arc4, and a bunch of other small devices like guitar pedals and an organelle.

can’t recommend pelican enough. not cheap, but they’re everything-proof. i have a few in different sizes and occasionally order replacement foam for them as my uses for each one change.


Ah! Well, now you’ve inspired me to visit the wayback machine to dig up some of your old gems. :wink:

That gator case looks awesome, if a little too burly to throw in a backpack.

@madeofoak: I’ve had great luck with pelicans too so that might be a good approach. Which do you use? I wonder if something like the 1075 might not be a good home for a new-style arc and grid…

I have three: a 1510 (great for it’s ability to fit in an overhead compartment), a 1615 air that I use for my modular / monome / cables / etc, and a gigantic 1690 that I currently use for lights.

that 1075 could totally work, or if you wanted to go a little tougher the 1400 would be great as well. also: so many color options! these are the stupid things I get excited about.


Does anyone still make nice soft cases for grids? I’d like a 128 sized one.

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Don’t know if anyone still makes nice soft cases, but creating a custom one is pretty straightforward…
Few years ago I bought a used gs128 which came with a nice custom felt bag…I just bought some really good and thick felt, gave it to a sewing shop and got another nice bag for my 256…
and if you really get fancy with it, it`s also easy to stitch in your name etc…


Swish. I’d like something like that. I have yet to discover if I’m good at felting - but there are some people locally who’d probably take a commission.

My darling wife made me a crochet cover for my 128:

It’s stretched a little with use, so I might add a little more padding to the inside.



Some people have pointed out that 128s are about the same size as Apple wireless keyboards. There seem to be a few snug travel cases for those available which aren’t too expensive. Anyone tried them with a grid?

cd wallets usually fit monome grids pretty well if u remove the binder part. i have an old leather one that fits my 256 perfectly.


yeah, similar to these korg nano cases

that’s what I currently use for my grid

I found a hama hard case at media markt some time ago which is a perfect fit for my 128 + arc 4.

here’s some more info


Looks awesome. Is that a new-style grid in there? Do you put anything between the arc and grid?


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pelican 1400 fits arc/grid in sideways, and also stacked, which is great. also op-1 with a little wedging. tons of room. this fit all my gear (minus computer) while touring


It’s a 2014 grid and arc if i’m not mistaking. I’m quite sure the latest models would fit. There’s a small piece of cardboard between the units …

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Update: just revisited the specs on this one and it’s not quite big enough. The interior is 11.11" x 7.92" x 1.63" and by my measure an arc and 128 are something like 10.25" x 8.05" (with no padding between them).

OK, back shopping again. Curious if the HAMA is stiff enough that you’d feel comfortable putting it in a backpack?

Still using this:

The 128 sits in a HAMA case, but there’s some space on the sides so it doesn’t fit snugly. Quick tip: if you can fit the USB cable put it on the base side, not on the keypads side as they might get stuck if you leave it in for long…

The 64 (old version) is so snug it’s sometimes hard to zip the case up.

I would recommend CD cases for light (cosmetic) protection, but not for padding since they don’t provide much protection against pressure or impacts.


Ah, well that’s why you need an arc! :wink: