How are you packing your grids/arcs/norns?

I don’t mind the idea of a decksaver top cap thing, but I’m not sure I’d really trust elastics to hold it on the arc in my backpack… maybe velcro [straps]… hm.

What do you mean “how are you packing your norns?”? I put it in the tote bag and jump on the train :slight_smile:


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This could be built relatively easily. With enough clearance on the encoders, any pressure would be on the housing, which can take it, or on the wooden cap thing itself. With end pieces to keep the arc in place, it would only need a strap / trustworthy elastic band to hold the two together. Add a cutaway for the cable and it could double as a dust shield.



Yes, that’s what I had in mind!

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I might try and build one, either in the next three weeks, or five months from now (life…). I’ll report back if I do!


i’ve been obsessed w/ this thread for quite a while and have been digitally organising multiple peli case-options for weeks.

today i prepared this peli air 1525 for my double norns setup incl two grids, 16n, two intech grids, wingie, op-1 and a zoom h6. there might even be room for cables. so happy!

and yes, i have “ambient” and “stop the war on reverb” stickers ready…

edit: update!


wow this is beautiful


Found the perfect case for $20. Make sure to look at HC-1810. Not the one linked in the onebox below. Comes with foam preinstalled that doesn’t require any modification to nicely cushion the unit.


Does the 1810 fit just the norns or grid and arc too?

Norns on its own plus space for cables and Wi-Fi dongle. I didn’t look for one that would fit grid (and I don’t have arc).

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this is seriously impressive! great job. looks sooo clean.

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merci @theskyis256k ! it was super satisfying to plan and organise. i think i could’ve fit more in there but for now this feels right. the double norns + grid setup is already fantastic and i did look at the 1400 but since i can’t live without my norns friends 16n and the intech grids i went for a larger case. being able to fit zoom in there was a total surprise and a perfect addition as a mixer/interface. and the air series is so insanely light, really happy with it.

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Quick question about Peli cases - the grid is around 14cm high - I’m looking at a case which is 17cm deep. Is 3cm enough to protect it if it is stored on its side?

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yep, this works. my 1525 air is 17cm deep and i checked but eventually didn’t go this route because of the 16n, which feels rather fragile on the side.

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Lovely thank you so much!

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Bought the Peli 1170 like @RPLKTR did and it fits my Norns and Grid perfectly, bit hard to cut out the foam for the Grid but it worked out either way.

Also decided to buy an Ikea 365+ plastic 1L lunchbox and stick the rest of the foam from the Peli inside it and it’s uncanny how it fits Norns like a glove! :smiley:
Perfect to throw in the backpack.


This is fantastic. why buy a specialty case when…


Exceedingly cute. Just need a paper bag and a muffin!


I know there’s quite a specific use case here for a few of you, which is, a handy (small!) size box to throw into a backpack before heading out to the park or wherever.

I’m a bit of a recluse, so for me, the need for storage is only in my tiny London flat, where I just don’t have the luxury of a dedicated space to leave everything set up, all the time.

So here’s my “ambient storage box” - It’s a 9 litre capacity clear plastic storage box from Really Useful Boxes (other online stores are available!). My eco-friendly conscience would have preferred something that wasn’t plastic, but needs must…

It holds all the kit I used in the making of my recent album - it’s a surprisingly small amount of stuff, now I see it all gathered up in one place:

  • Monome Grid
  • Monome Norns Shield in a repurposed cardboard box, along with an assortment of connector/breakout/adapter cables and the Shield’s wall wart power supply
  • Teenage Engineering OP-Z (used more as an external audio source, rather than for sequencing entire tunes)
  • My trusty Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones

Not shown is my Windows laptop which generally is left set up on the table - I use Audacity for trimming samples and compiling/mixing/mastering the tracks which made the album’s ‘final cut’. Also for transferring wav files between the Shield and the laptop.

The “AMBIENT” sticker on the lid of the container is from Marcus Fischer, it’s one of a pack of four, available from his Bandcamp site.

You can also buy his music there, too, so if you’re in shopping mode, be sure to pick up some of his tunes…


Which size case did you get? There are 5 sizes available on Amazon