How are you packing your grids/arcs/norns?

Exceedingly cute. Just need a paper bag and a muffin!


I know there’s quite a specific use case here for a few of you, which is, a handy (small!) size box to throw into a backpack before heading out to the park or wherever.

I’m a bit of a recluse, so for me, the need for storage is only in my tiny London flat, where I just don’t have the luxury of a dedicated space to leave everything set up, all the time.

So here’s my “ambient storage box” - It’s a 9 litre capacity clear plastic storage box from Really Useful Boxes (other online stores are available!). My eco-friendly conscience would have preferred something that wasn’t plastic, but needs must…

It holds all the kit I used in the making of my recent album - it’s a surprisingly small amount of stuff, now I see it all gathered up in one place:

  • Monome Grid
  • Monome Norns Shield in a repurposed cardboard box, along with an assortment of connector/breakout/adapter cables and the Shield’s wall wart power supply
  • Teenage Engineering OP-Z (used more as an external audio source, rather than for sequencing entire tunes)
  • My trusty Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones

Not shown is my Windows laptop which generally is left set up on the table - I use Audacity for trimming samples and compiling/mixing/mastering the tracks which made the album’s ‘final cut’. Also for transferring wav files between the Shield and the laptop.

The “AMBIENT” sticker on the lid of the container is from Marcus Fischer, it’s one of a pack of four, available from his Bandcamp site.

You can also buy his music there, too, so if you’re in shopping mode, be sure to pick up some of his tunes…


Which size case did you get? There are 5 sizes available on Amazon

must be the HC-1810 (7.1 x 4.72 x 1.5) since it’s $20 like @appa mentioned and it has the perfect size for norns (which is 6.2 x 4.0 x 0.8) :briefcase:


This little case happens to be the perfect size for a stock Norns – I have several of their other cases and they’re really well made. Their ‘cable bag’ has been invaluable for me while touring, and the other blanks are useful for interfaces and other pieces of gear. Easy to toss all these into my backpack and be on my way.


HC-1810 as @Jordskred mentioned :slight_smile:

just spotted these, not checked sizing though:

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those look great! bookmarked. :pray:

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bookmarked here too :slight_smile:

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same! and i just checked the size - it should fit. sleeve is 12.6x6in internal


thanks for the size check! i was just googling to see if i could find the 128 dimensions… i don’t have my grid with me at the moment to measure it, and i couldn’t find any published size on the newest grid iterations…


Me neither, I think they got nuked in the site redesign, but here:

Looks like ~5.45x10.25"/13.8x26cm to me.

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excellent, ordered both, many thanks :slight_smile:


Norns and cables in fanny pack!


The size is slightly too big for the grid but it’s ok enough to be usable, just checked!

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I think your creation ended up here:

I got my latest norns+grid from @vicimity last year and it came with the cosy sleeve.

I’ve downsized my setup so everything fits in the black metal rack. Very convenient to carry around.
Now I just miss an monome arc to complete the setup (but they seem to be impossible to get in EU).


it’s $14 at time of writing. i like the fit a lot - took me a while to find one that snugly fit norns + wifi and headphone nub.



Got one of these and you’re right, my Norns fits snugly. Any danger of the top foam pushing too hard on the encoders and damaging them?

In my experience of using it religiously, no. I travel with this a couple times a week.

Got my grids 2nd hand from a kind lady who gifted me this super cute padded pouch to store it in.