How are you packing your grids/arcs?


I just saw a review on the Digital DJ Tips YouTube channel for these Namba Gear Wraps:


i have a walnut 128 monome ca 2012 or 2013, which i currently keep in a soft, wool case. any advice for something sturdier off the rack that fits this model? worth investing in a pelican? though it sees a lot of use, it’s not an everyday part of my workflow, and i would love to be able to store it on a shelf with other equipment, something not really smart to do in its current case. just wanted to see what the community is doing.


following this as i am also interested in case solutions. i’ll be moving at the end of the month and would love to be confident that my grid and arc aren’t going to get badly bumped around.

i would love to see something that is sleek and low profile but still robust and protective…


What about something like this

MONO M80 Drumstick Case


I use something like this (not exactly this model, but you get the idea) to transport Grid and TT keyboard in my backpack. Sturdy stuff, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


this looks great. i use the MONO tick for my grid, arc, keyboard and patch cables etc.


$30 semi hard case for grid + arc + mech keyboard:

thought i would share a recent amazon find…

i have been searching for the perfect case to use for my monome family of controllers. something decently protective but also not huge or bulky that i could slip into my backpack. this go-pro case just arrived today and it is exactly what i was looking for. fits my arc and vortex core perfectly in the pick away foam and the grid fits perfectly on top. i have just a piece of felt placed between for scratch protection.

it’s just an inch too small to fit the grid and arc both in the main foam area, but since the foam is really easily customizable you can probably find some other thing to stash in there. or just grid by itself. there are also two pockets for cables and such.

i have noticed some others asking about a case for grid so i thought this may be helpful :slight_smile:


For clarification, what edition arc and grid do you have? This would fit my needs perfectly!


both are the most recent, two tone aluminum ones :slight_smile:


hi everyone
how do you travel with arc and grid?
i’ve a travel case for my eurorack and a small bag for cables and power brick, but for now i carry grid in a laptop bag…

are there some products that fit arc and grid?



great stuff here:


thanks! haven’t found in the search


Not super on topic, but I didn’t want to start a new thread just for this.

What are people using to pack their big pile o euro cables? I used to use a regular ‘shure’ style mic pouch for my banana cables, but I’ve got more cables than can comfortably fit in something like that.


i was gifted a few of these a while back and they have come in handy for just that sort of thing:


Those look sweet, but shipping is brutal to the UK. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something like that more local.


In the end I ended up buying this semi-transparent case thing from Muji:

A bit bigger than I had initially planned, but I think it works out really well for cables and extra bits and bobs:

Carry-on Luggage

taking grid + norns for a field trip today!


super exciting that everything fits perfectly in an old mic case

i ripped out the bottom layer of foam and threw norns (in a small cloth sack with 1/4" adapter and wifi nub plugged in), my power bank, and usb cables on top of the grid


Pfft, I call suspicious shenanigans!

Since the norns isn’t visible in the pic I’m going to assume that that’s a paper napkin covering a baloney sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich (with a bit of pickles in it).

On a more real tip, I’ve got one of those same shit/plastic MXL cases that would be cool to repurpose.


I am Very Curious whether you can pack a Grid beneath a Norns in a Pelican 1520. It sure seems deep enough, but I suspect you’d want the bottom pad + the first foam layer in which the grid was packed + the next pad + the second foam layer in which the norns was packed + the weird variegated foam lid liner. Confirm / deny?


I’m curious as well. but i was thinking of nesting the norns under grids.