How are you packing your grids/arcs?


i think most definitely… i’ve also been looking at the 1500 series, although i just ordered a 1400 today because i really want to make something work that’s still pretty small… i think it’s going to arrive tomorrow - i will post my outcome!

hoping to be able to get norns in vertically with grid flat either hidden below cables or hiding the cables beneath.


This Just Occurred To Me.

Grid = 10.2" x 5.4" x 0.6"
Norns = 6.2" x 4.0" x 0.8"

The 1400 is interior = 11.81" × 8.87" × 5.18" - that does look like it would fit the Norns oriented vertically!

Please do take pictures - I am Very Curious.


I thought this exact same thing recently, but noticed that the middle foam layer may not be tall enough:

Layer 1 (Lid): 1.38" - Convolute
Layer 2 (Base): 0.50" - Pad
Layer 3 (Base): 3.38" - Pick N Pluck

I’m interested to see if Norns, oriented vertically will fit. It looks like there’s not quite enough room in the Pick N Pluck layer to fit Norns without relying on the other foam layers (base & lid).


got the 1400 and i am sooo happy with choosing this one. here’s what i am fitting in all while still feeling very secure and protected and nothing is forced or jammed:

two minirig speakers
dr7 recorder (in an alternate packing configuration)

pics ~

and here is the pack with norns and op1 in vertically ~

when you pack in vertically the foam in the top definitely pushes down on the top of norns and op1, but it doesn’t seem like it would at all danger either of the devices. i like the neatness of the other pack but if i need more room i would also feel comfortable doing it vertically. the pick and pluck foam works best as dividers and padding rather than precise slots for each thing to fit in.

also worth noting that you can also fit grid and arc perfectly in flat as the first layer, foam on top of them and then op1 + norns if you’re not packing speakers. basically tons of options and it still feels really small and portable which was my biggest goal!


I have that same case! It has worked really well for my grid/arc in the past, and today I pick and plucked the norns in as well :slight_smile:

edit: a couple pics. grid is underneath and there is room for cables/whatnot.


yes!! i get way too much joy from things fitting so perfectly in cases. 1400 definitely seems like the winner here :smiley:


Sort of off topic, but I think y’all would like this setup. I met this person at a synth meetup the other month and thought that his setup was a really clever use of space. I think it uses one of the speakers you have @stripes


wow i really love how compact that is! hurts me just a little be to see half a speaker being pointed at a solid wall but still sounds bumpin anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


My problem is that I’d want to also pack (in addition to the grid, norn and bluetooth speaker):

A small mixer
Perhaps a few effects boxes
… and heaven help me, headphones.

This packing thing is a disease.


if the size is ok, i bet this one would feel pretty good to pack, hold in everything you want it to and be easy to transport -


my norns had to go back to the farm for some slight reconstructive surgery, but I got it back today!

the extra wait gave me some time to work out a transportation solution that I’m pretty happy with, inspired by @stripes and @Justmat’s use of the 1400. After some time spent with glue and scissors, I think it worked out pretty well.


wowee! that is wonderful!


May I ask what you’re keeping in that circular case? Are those cans or Some Large Mass of Cables? Or perhaps a sandwich?


It’s actually a speaker. They’re overpriced, but can be gotten cheaper second-hand and have the nicest bass response for small speakers I’ve found.

I’m still figuring out how to fit cables and stuff in there.


this is lovely. well done.


Just got a pelican 1400 for the norns + grid.

Everything fits perfectly.

But pulling the extra pick ‘n pluck foam in and out to keep the grid in place doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a peromant option (it’s already falling apart after 3 days).

Any thoughts on a good alternative foam option?

//// pictures ////

I back your question, more information on where / how people buy and use their foam would be interesting.


i’ve found getting bigger sheets of foam and having them laser-cut to the appropriate sizes to be pretty incomparable.

the materials cost almost nothing—i’ve even had a foam store give me the piece i needed for free in the past. the cutting, on the other hand, can be somewhat expensive, but very much worth it in my opinion—you’ll never worry about the fit again.

the place i like best is called foam mart—if you’re ever in the los angeles area i highly recommend them start to finish.


I’m hoping - over time - that a few “standard configurations” for packing Norns et al in a few of the candidate Pelicans can be identified, so that we can make this more turnkey.


I still have the 1400, but have started using the 1490 laptop style case for norns/grid/arc.