How are you packing your grids/arcs?


I anybody using neoprene sleeves? I’m thinking that would be a way to protect the gear but still be able to throw it in a bag I’m already using for other things.


Picked one of these slim keyboard cases off amazon. Fits the 128 pretty good. A little snug but closes up without any issues. To make it a bit more easy on the front panel I’ve used a gear wrap folded up fit into the lid. Probably isn’t necessary though.

Aproca Hard Travel Carrying Case for…


fyi there’s a big sale on Pelican cases on amazon today


a hundred thousand thanks for the alert—saved a whole bunch on that 1510 that’s been on my list forever just now :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Neat! I pretty much mirrored your layout. Would you mind sharing what glue you used?


Just some super glue I had laying around. I just did my best to keep the foam in bigger chunks as I picked it to make glueing it back in easier.


Thanks. I was looking at that 3m foam glue but I also kept them in overlapping large chunks. They seem to hold together fine even without glue. I just wanted to be safe. Thanks again for a very sensible layout. I might pop some holes in the middle foam section to store USB key and mini jack to 1/4 inch adapters.




Part II




Very nice! 20 characters of link to buy?


It’s the amazon basics 11” laptop sleeve.
Here is the Italian link (just swap the .it for your country domain)


Turned this Emsa box into the cheapest pelican case imitation ever: Box and foam together were about 8 Euros, had the 3M rubber feet lying around.

As I need the wifi nub only together with my computer, I’m OK with not having it attached to norns when transporting it.

Emsa claims the thing is waterproof, but I don’t want to test this.


That’s really neat. Do you think an Arc 4 could fit into the pocket where you’ve got Norns? Currently I wrap my Grid and Arc 4 in towels for transportation and this looks like a worthwhile upgrade to the towels.


Sorry for the delay @sbaio but I was away for a gig. Anyway, I have just tried the grid and it fits the front pocket, so the arc surely fits too!


Great, thanks for testing this @AlessandroBonino! Ordering now!


Grid and Arc fit great – thanks again @AlessandroBonino!


Like this :slight_smile: