How are you recording audio from Max? (Soundflower woes.)

Thanks in advance for your patience… Long time modular person but fairly new to doing things ITB. Anyway, I’m hitting the old “crackle when using soundflower” bugaboo and before I keep sifting through old threads with ancient advices I’m curious if this is even the current state of the art?

Net-net: I’ve got Live and a full Max license and have been having tons of fun with (besides my own patches), the amazing straw app until I try and redirect audio to Live and I’m haunted by crackles. I’m on Max 7, OS X 10.11.3 and a newer macbook pro. ANY thoughts appreciated.



i use the built-in recorder.

extras > quickrecord

in the menu system.

soundflower and rewire are notorious. you can often get a great working setup, and other times it’s all busted.


Wow. Thank you! Fits the bill exactly.

I owe you one!

I also trick Live and Max into taking using crossed patches on my interface. Plug from out 3 to in 3 and out 4 to in 4. Set live to send out on 3 and Max to listen to in 3. Then max goes out to 4 and set Live to listen. I’m on windows so no soundflower, and as Tehn mentioned rewire can be touchy, so I had to get creative. Works great!

If you’ve got Max 7 or BEAP installed there’s also the “recordr” module that you can just throw at the end of a patch. Combine with mixer modules as needed :slight_smile:


when i want to record to a daw, i use jack audio. very stable, reliable and flexible set-up.
(mbp mid 2009/os 10.10.5)

Great tips all. Thank you!

@analogue01: do you mean sfrecord~ in Max?

Jack looks good too but man I love the lack of indirection.

I also trick Live and Max into taking using crossed patches on my interface.

I was scratching my head over this for a bit. @spacelordmother: you mean by using your audio interface?

Yes, sorry – using actual patch connections on the interface and then routing those channels in Live and Max.

I tried Jack but it was a lot more complicated than my solution so I didn’t bother to make it work.

Thanks for clarifying. No interface handy when I want to record this setup so I’ll stick to quickrecord in the short term which IMO is just brilliant. Frictionless — you don’t even need to pick a file name!

No, the BEAP module:

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Amazing. So that’s what the little b does?!? Seriously, I had no idea Beap was baked into Max 7. I’ve been rolling my own oscillators. Thanks for pointing this out!