How can I support Lines?

I like this forum and I like the people here. There are a few websites that I really, really enjoy and I have no issue supporting them financially either directly through their paid memberships or through some kind of Patreon site. For baseball, it’s Fangraphs. (I really like baseball statistics.) For all things music, it’s Lines. I’m happy to pay what comes out to a few bucks a month for a site that I regularly use.

I think this community is valuable and important. Is there a way I can support the site financially? Is that even needed?

I looked around and did not see a thread where this had already been addressed, or any information in the FAQ/About. Sorry if I missed something.


Great topic!

Compared to all the ok stuff I pay for every month (cable channels, Apple Music, etc.), I get infinitely more value from the time I spend on lines.

This can be “measured” in such values as inspiration, expanding skills and knowledge, delight in experiencing the creative manifestations of so many wonderfully talented and generous human beings (and don’t forget pictures of their animal companions).

But most meaningful of all is the growing number of friendships…. It’s feeling a bit like a strangely space-distributed family at this point…

So, if it would help keep this amazing place healthy, I would be happy to contribute financially.

I’m also interested in finding other ways to support the community. I love to brainstorm, so if anyone feels like connecting, hit me up…


I think this is a great idea. Hosting isn’t free. I’d be pro donations vs membership or tiered access. I wouldn’t have ever posted without years of lurking.


I agree. Imposing a gatekeeper charge would drive newcomers away…


This topic comes up from time to time and the good folks at monome have turned down monetary contribution in the past. That may change at some point but generally the best way to support this place it to share knowledge and skills, be kind, and keep the community inviting for others.


How interesting!

Definitely against gatekeeping, and if this did occur it shouldn’t prevent any sort of access.

If they ever did decide to accept the offer I would happily chip in a couple of bucks a month. Such an excellent resource.


The other thing people can contribute money is labour. Does the team that run the site need help with something?