How can i tell if serialoscd is working?

Hi all,

I’m trying to get serialosc up and running on Ubuntu 15.04.

I’ve tried both the version from artfwo’s PPA and installing from source as per instructions here:

When I run serialoscd the console freezes and I assume the program hen starts waiting for me to attach a monome.

When I attach my monome it starts up (light pattern) but nothing is displayed about the connected monome by serialosc. Also upon removing it nothing is left in my .config/serialosc folder.

Does serialosc leave any logs anywhere for me to peruse?

Has it connected monome and just not told me about it? How do I find out what port it’s on?

serialosc-detector does show that I have a monome connected on /dev/ttyUSB0/

serialoscd freezes because it’s a daemon. it should be run at startup in the background.

you can check if it’s running the same as other processes-- this should work:

ps ax | grep serialosc

to find out what port it is on, you have to query the serialosc server. what language/environment/etc are you using?

for example. if you have an app listening to port 12222

send to 12002: /serialosc/list localhost 12222

and you’ll get a device list returned to port 12222

Ah thanks for your prompt response tehn.

After a little playing I discovered that starting serialoscd as root with sudo serialoscd does show messages like this when monomes are connected:
serialosc [a40h-001]: connected, server running on port 18174

I can then set the port/prefix it’s operating on and start using it as normal.

It seems that neither installing 1.4 from source or version 1.3… from the PPA results in a serialosc service being registered though. ps ax | grep serialosc doesn’t show any processes and service --status-all has no serialosc entry.

I’m also unable to get a response to any messages sent to serialosc, e.g. /serialosc/list 12345 does not result in messages being sent back to port 12345.

I’ve tried communicating with the device using send_osc/dump_osc command line tools and Overtone/Clojure.