How do I find what version norns is? [SOLVED]

First of all, my apologies if this is a stupid question or if there is a FAQ that answers my question. I’m new here.

I just bought a norns (gently used). How can I find out what version of the firmware is running?

I ask because it is my understanding that certain versions cannot be automatically updated.

Thanks in advance.

cheers, danm

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version can be found by hitting K2 on the SELECT/SYSTEM/SLEEP page. see the graphic here: wifi + files | monome/docs. the numbers under the script name on the middle of the right side of the screen (eg. 201115 in that image) reflects YYMMDD and can be searched within lines for more detail.

unless this is a fates device, then there shouldn’t be any troubles updating from any version, but i usually recommend a fresh install on any used units :slight_smile:

let us know how it goes!

Thanks, Dan.

Looks like I have 210301, which is probably new enough for now.

cheers, danm

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