How do I send midi sysex messages on norns?

That’s a really satisfying answer. I often feel like a noob here, and its great. Thanks for answering my questions.

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sysex tables for a handful of older synths (including the junos)


has anyone here worked with Midi Fighter Twister configuration files? I think they’re sysex data, and I was trying to figure out how to write something up that would send a config file to mft from norns on script load (e.g., sending the cheat codes mft config when cheat codes is loaded), but I can’t seem to find the sysex bytes for the .mfs config file

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not positive if this will be helpful but there are a couple of links in this posting to code on github that might have what you are looking for:


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I was thinking exactly the same with MFT and stumbled to this thread. This seems to describe the sysex bytes at least partially. GitHub - YaelBx/M4L_MF_Twister_SysEx_Explorer: Format SysEx & configure your MF Twister directly from Max / M4L I managed change one encoder settings with Norns through sysex with quick testing but I didn’t fully decode meaning of all bytes. At least it’s a starting point.


Note - I’ve filed an issue where I believed norns is dropping sysex data.

If you get farther along with MFT perhaps you can confirm?


Yep, I’ll report my findings if I get that far! Thanks for heads-up!

that bug doesn’t affect sysex transmission from norns though

True. I don’t know what sort of handshake the MTF might use though. Just wanted to mention it just in case anyone else sees some weirdness with incoming data.

I found the same SysEx Explorer tool (I think Dan sent it to me) and got started with it but then dropped the ball when things got a little busy at my day job. Hearing that someone else is interested makes me want to keep going with it though! Hopefully the Max free trial I got explicitly for this purpose hasn’t expired yet. I’d love to hear about it if you keep going with this too!

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a quick perusal of the MFT manual and source code did not reveal any such pitfalls.

anyways, the sysex RX bug should of course be fixed. i’ve added some comments to the GH issue. TLDR: would appreciate if you or someone else with an affected hardware could add a print statement to device_midi.c: midi_input_msg_post() showing the byte count for each posted MIDI input event. this will make it easy to narrow down.

I’ll give it a shot. I think I understood the max patch and enough of the MFT source code to try it out. Already making some progress. :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:

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