How do you like your Arc so far?

We don’t have ansibles yet, but those will start rolling out soon … even without them – Whats up with those arcs?!! :smiley:
Do tell!

I couldn’t buy an arc but the concept is amazing. Anyone doing a DIY build? I’m new to finding rotary encoders that are better than a search on digikey.

I have been loving mine! I already had an Ansible/Grid, so I have mostly used it with Ansible :slight_smile:


Just on a side note, this thread got necro’d from 2016 somehow… I have since gotten an ARC and used it :wink:


Oh shit! I didn’t even pay attention to the date. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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I really regret selling mine. Those rings are magic.

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Ha, yeah me too. :rofl:

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I’m planning to build a couple of those, seems a very interisting device.

I have one paired with the Ansible, it’s beautiful but I wish there was more apps for it