How do you sync your gear?

Hi guys,

So my current setup is made of:

0 coast
Doepfer A-100 Analog System (with a A-190-4 MIDI to CV converter)
Korg volca beats
2 arturia keystep (one black, one white)
Korg sq-1
Kaoss Pad

I would like to buy a Roland TR8s and ditch my volca beats.

Right now I am easily syncing the Volca Beats with the rest of my gear via a simple minijack bringing tempo information. I suppose that with the Roland TR8s it would be enough to sync the MIDI out from one of my synths with the MIDI IN of the TR8s, right?

My issue is that, since in my setup I have a Moog Mother-32 when I stop the M-32’s sequencer the TR8s wont’ be playing, right? That means that if I want the TR8s to run I have to have the M-32’s sequencer running or any other synth running and I cannot start a song with only the drum machine playing (I can only do that with having the synths running silently and then raising the volume).

Otherwise, If I used the TR8s as a master clock and I stopped it then all the other synths would stop playing. Is there a way around this, to have my synths keep on running at the selected clock when I stop the TR8s or to have my TR8s play and start my synths in sync later on?

Is there a better way to sync all my gear and keep it on sync while not having the start/stop of every machine conditioned by the other machines? How do you sync your gear?

This is a specific question, but I’d love the topic to turn into a general discussion about gear synchronization.

By the way, does anyone have any experience with the Doepfer A-190-4? How do you use that? Any tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance

Hey guys,
I want to use my PO K.O 33 as a drum machine for Korg monologue.
I spend half of a day trying to sync my Korg monologue to pocket operator K.O, unfortunately without any result. PO is syncing to a Korg BPM, but I cannot hear any sound coming from a synthesizer. Does any of you tired to sync pocket operators to synthesizers?
Any help is much appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

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There are two ways to do this - one is to use a device that solely generates MIDI clock, and then use that as a master clock for all your other gear. The Koma RH301 has been mentioned, but there’s also the E-RM Midi Clock which is a lot cheaper (at the expense of having fewer outputs).

The second option is to use one of your existing synths / sequencers / whatever as a master clock, so that it produces sound but also outputs MIDI clock to everything else. Standard behaviour for MIDI clock output is to continue sending clock pulses even when the master device’s internal sequencer is stopped. I’m not sure how this would translate to CV.

In case it’s helpful, I use an Elektron Digitakt to clock everything in my setup - MIDI outputs via a Kenton splitter to a Blofeld, an SP-303 and a CV.OCD, which then sends CV clock pulses to various bits of my modular and the sync input of a Keystep.


I’ve had luck going the other way–using the monologue to provide the sync track to a pocket operator, but it wasn’t perfect. Seemed like the cv that the monologue was giving off was double-time compared to what the display said. I need to work on it some more…

Does anyone here have any experience clocking Ableton from Pamela’s New Workout via the PEXP-2 expander?

I wouldn’t clock Ableton from anything, personally. It doesn’t do well being a MIDI clock slave in my experience.

Total game changers were several things.
Getting my ipad involved in my euro rig was messy at first until a friend told me about
MIDI Link Sync. Along with Erica Synths Clock<>MIDI, I can sync anything to anything including Ableton over WiFi.

I now use a combination of CV Tools, ES-3, Pam’s, and PEXP-2 to sync everything and it is very solid. Syncing to audio rather than MIDI via Ableton makes all the difference. No more midi jitter!

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