How do you use your grid?

I’m interested to find out how people have their grids set up, and why? And does your setup differ between composition and performance?

For instance, as much as so many of the apps are fun to use, I’ve mainly set my 128 grid up like a midi-keyboard, where it’s split in half, each side being two octaves apart. This means you can play rolling or cross-over melodies without finger clashes, fantastic for jazz!

How do you set this up? I always imagined a Soundprism Pro (iOS) setup for my grid not sure how that could be achieved.

I basically alter my use between WW back home at my modular and then with Terms during lunch break.

Using the old midi_128 patch (monomebase), and manually changing the values. If you have/get that patch, here’s the read file to change the values:

128 midi configuration (1.4 KB)

Ah, I’d love the WW. Or any of the mod stuff for that matter.

I used to use Pages, and just the clip view in able ton, then crazy issues arose, so I started using … The app escapes me… It’s that 256, 8x15 top half, bottom half work as virtual faders, I’d assign the faders to control Tornado m4L so I could have assignable patches, I’d always make 100% the reset. I’ve tried to use Remix recently, but I just can’t get the vibe no matter how cool it is. Now I just do BJJ and don’t even touch my equipment, that should change though!