How does serialoscd know about connected devices?

I’m bypassing serialosc-detector and starting serialosc-device directly. But I’m a bit confused about how the serialosc triumvirate communicate with each other.


  • In the grid conf file, there are two port settings: server and application. What is the application port (which defaults to 8000) for?
  • How does serialoscd know about a connected device? My C is basic but it looks like it has something to do with subprocesses.
  • Is there any way to trick serialoscd into registering a new serialosc-device which wasn’t detected by serialosc-detector?


I’m trying to create a Bluetooth grid so there’s no USB device for serialosc-detector to detect. I’ve got it working (with string and duct tape) all the way up to serialosc-device: I can send OSC to the device server port and control the grid. But because serialoscd doesn’t know about the device, neither do other apps like Max.