How I use my Monome with Max Live in Ableton routed out to Reason 8.3

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this quick vid of how I am routing my Monome into Reason 8. I have seen difficulties when using Max alone and it seems to get the most from the Monome you need to use Max Live. In this vid I go through how I route it into Reason.


great work! thank you for posting this.

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didn’t know u could use m4l without even owning ableton. nice.

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hey guys! I realise this is an older thread but I’m looking for more info on a set-up including Reason (my DAW of choice) and adding a monome to it. I’m loving the thought of the creative possibilities but not sure if they are possible and wanted to find more info before I decide to buy one!

*hopes someone reads this as I’m bumping it!

having watched the vid I can see the issues of a rewire through ableton, thats not the issue…what I’d really like to know is, can the monome be used as a seperate instrument…being played and recorded through Reason…and also be in sync with other instruments being used within Reason?

Looking at using the monome 128 with Reason…I hope this all makes sense…maybe there are a few Reason users here? I tried the search functions and this thread seemed appropriate

I, sadly, have neither a 128 nor reason any more but when i did i loved the old polygome programme. It was really nice routed from max runtime to reason into a Thor or malstrom.

Bare in mind that the monome (grid) itself outputs no sound so recording it would be an exercise in futility. Certain applications output midi/osc which you can use in the same way as any other controller.

I don’t yet have one but getting seriously tempted! Wanted to get as much info as I can before buying one…it has to fit in my current set up…which is Reason (has been reason 3)

I was like you, reason since v1 in my case. The more i got into the monome and this community the more i itched to get into max4live and ableton.

I ended up ditching reason, and learning ableton. Then push came along and did all i wanted.

Interestingly monone’s developments in modular has got me itching for another grid. I enjoy watching the videos on generative sequencing, and would like to add that to my own setup (semi modular for now).

Tl:Dr - you may end up finding more to do outside reason.

These apps (the ones in the midi section) will route their midi signal to any midi track in reason.

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Haha, I feared that may be the case! so long as it’s able to ‘meld’ with my current set-up (for at least a little while) until I get the addiction!

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No probs. You will find the community here to be very helpful also. There are many many creative people here :slight_smile:

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I can see that it can be used as a midi controller but wasn’t sure if the notes generated are going to be in sync with the rest of the tracks? I gues that’s something you sort within Reason?

IIRC you set the tempo within the app and match it in reason. But you need to get a metronome going for the count in to ensure sequencers are in sync when you press your first button.

The nice thing about using apps in this way is that you can then manipulate the notes in reason without the grid, allowing you to flesh out ideas.

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ahhh nice… I getchya

I’m only new to these (and not totally tech savvy, kinda why reason appealed to me in the first place!) but i can already see the creative prospects…good to know tho, so…it will run at the same tempo (set on both the app and reason) but not totally in sync (as in ‘on button starts both’)?

Pretty sure that’s the case, although it’s been some time since i used either.

You also have apps that are standalone, such as mlrv - which is brilliant - and you can then record the audio from that in reason.

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thanks for all the info you’ve given steveoath! If anyone else here has any other experience with Reason/monome set up…hit me up! I’m all ears (eyes)

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Saw this today - may be useful.

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ok, you lost me at mesh…and then again at IAC driver! :sweat_smile: if you could explain those that’d be great! having trouble setting up my grid!