How to clear a pattern with the White Whale


I recently got a Monome and White Whale, I’m a noob with Monome so I’m still learning it. I was not able to sort out how to lear CV and gates on the White Whale. How to get back to empty setup to build a new pattern?


go to a blank pattern (third row). press-and-hold another pattern to write to that position. this is the most effective reset. of course this doesn’t work if you fill all of your patterns. in which case you can load a blank preset.

be sure to check out the video tutorials! (i just realized there aren’t linked in the docs-- i’ll add them)

Oh awesome thanks! That will be a big help! BTW: maybe add the clearing patch workaround to the manual?

Thanks for making such awesome instruments!

One other dumb question. How do I start and stop the whole thing? Like I get a great pattern going and want to record it, I’d like to start my DAW and then trigger the White Whale to start playing.

insert a cable in the clock input.