How to control MaxForLive and Max patch with 1 monome


I use a monome 128 and I would like to control some parameters inside a MaxForLive patch and some parameters inside a Max patch in the same time.

I try to use the serial OSC abstraction in the M4L patch and in the Max patch, then select the same monome in both but it doesn’t work…


I can’t use the MIDI way because I want to control the “Ableton Live API” directly (to launch/stop clips, scenes…).
send/receive objects doesn’t work between a M4L and a Max patch.
In my case, I don’t prefer to use OSC but maybe it’s the solution…

Do you know a easy way, a direct way to do this (than OSC) ?

Thank you a lot !


Anyone have a solution ?

I think I’ve been using quadrants in Pages for tasks like this in the past, but I’m not sure if this is still working with the current macOS etc or if another solution has been developed

eventually it seems like you will get more flexibility from the OSC control.

Yes, OSC is probably the best solution in fact.
Thank you for sharing !