How to convert a maxpatch code from github to an actual patch file

I was looking through some old monome apps on github and noticed only the code is listed. I am not very well versed in max and was wondering how I would go about converting the code to an actual patch file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

do you mean blocks of indecipherable text that begin with a line like - ‘begin max patcher’
If so then select and copy the entire text, then in max choose ‘new from clipboard’ in the File menu.
( more recent files might be readable text, but the process is the same )

Some of the things on github are saved as with the extension .maxpat
for those you can just right click and ‘save link as’, download it and open in max.
hope this helps

what is the monome app you’re interested in?

make sure to download the entire folder (“download zip” button), unzip and run the app_name.maxpat (where “app_name” is the name of the app, mostly with a leading underscore I think)

create a “release”

you can add your own .zip file and description. it will be associated with your current codebase snapshot.