How to launch pages app in ableton live

I have read and followed the README.txt manual for pages and have gotten to the point of setting up MIDI clock sync from Ableton Live to Pages…

  1. Set the MIDI Clock Sync Delay value to be -negative- the “Overall Latency” value from the Audio page, or as close as you can get to it. For example, if your Overall Latency is 24.7ms, you should set the MIDI Clock Sync Delay to -25ms.

from there it continues…

Now launch pages, go to the MIDI menu -> MIDI In -> select the device you configured above. You should now have MIDI clock sync from Ableton Live to pages. You can create a MIDI Sequencer page to test it, when you hit play in Ableton you should see a vertical bar move across the monome.

Only problem is when I launch pages I cannot access the MIDI menu at all. Did I configure something wrong? Maybe I need a Java update, I’m not sure what to do from here

first u need to set up IAC Bus’s in mac’s Audio Midi Setup. then in pages, u need to create or open a config. to access the midi menu.

Thanks I did not create a config.

I set up the ports already and have them configured in Ableton per the instruction manual. I made a page for MIDI keyboard as such…

all I get on the monome is two solid lights and one flashing.
In that window I cannot find anything under MIDI. any help there?

I think u should check again to make sure your IAC driver is set up properly in Audio Midi Setup. The IAC busses u created should appear under midi in pages, and in Live’s midi prefs.

I set up IAC drivers, Clock and Pages MIDI like the instruction shows, however, I cannot tell/ there is no indication of which one is selected when I click on it

heres how I set up Live MIDI

Everything looks good, except 27ms is a lot of latency…what’s your buffer size set to? Dunno y it won’t let u select anything in pages’ midi menu tbh…

U might want to create more IAC busses though, because in pages you’ll need one for each page’s midi output.

27.2ms was my overall latency in Live. Ill look into my buffer size. From there how do I get a page like MIDI Keyboard to play sounds through live? Do I need to set my MIDI i/o on that MIDI Keyboard page? If so I must have something wrong.

the midi menu on pages’ main window are the midi i/o you want to make available to the the whole app (kinda like Live’s midi prefs.)

then each page will have it’s own midi menu, where u select the midi i/o that specific page will be using (kinda like how each track in Live has a midi i/o menu).

from there, set your Live instrument track to receive midi from the midi keyboard page’s output, arm the track, press buttons, and u should hear sound. : )