How to listen to Bounces on Iphone

I was curious if anyone know a way to make a playlist on an iPhone from the files app. I am trying to make playlist w/o a computer. I make a lot of ipad music and wanna listen to the bounces as a playlist instead opening each file separately. I am usually riding my bike so having to open each file separately can be very cumbersome and not the best idea while riding. A winamp style app would be rad…especially with a super cool skin! Or maybe audioshare can do this. I love this forum. Thanks for any suggestions.


It’s not a playlist creator, but I use the Goodreader app for this by putting the files I want to listen too into a folder, I can then play the whole folder. Documents by Readdle can do this as well.

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Maybe a more useful app would be AudioShare. It can play through the files in the Library (providing the loop option isn’t checked). Also a useful app for editing, converting and recording.
Edit: just reread your post and noticed you mention AudioShare! It’s the app I use for playing files.


Huge plus one for Audioshare. I use it to listen to bounces, record and trim audio from my iPhone mic, and keep all of the above nice and organized.

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Awesome! I didn’t even realize AudioShare did that. Another win for audio share. Such a great app. Thanks.

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