How to lock serialosc.maxpat to a monome device?

hi all. its been ages since i was posting here and here i am with a question!
im using 2 serialosc abstractions in one max patch to drive my 2 monome 40h, id like to tell each serialosc patch to connect to a constant each of the 40h´s . i have attempted to do so by setting the menu object per loadbang but it does not behave well. any ideas? is it possible to give the js object a monome id or so?

thanks alot!

From memory, I believe you can just send the device-id into the right inlet of the bpatcher and it will auto connect to that device. If you send it with a loadmess (or recall it from pattr) each bpatcher will know which device to connect to even if the grids aren’t plugged in yet.

… I think

seems to work, thanks!!!

i must say that some kind of basic documentation to the bptacher could be very very helpful in many cases (or im wrong and it exists somewhere???)

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