How to make a backup of Ansible presets?

Since there’s currently no way to make backups to a USB stick, does anyone know how to make a backup of your current Ansible settings/presets?
Does dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 read cover everything? I know it’ll include the firmware as well, but that’s fine with me.

get into bootloader mode then

dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 read > ansible.hex

you’ll have to start it back up before unplugging:

dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 start


Apparently this is not a trivial feature to add, but I feel like it is absolutely essential. I’m building up a live set using a combination of Teletype/Ansible, etc… Each new sequence I compose makes the process of recreating the full set after a firmware update that much more daunting.

So…if you’re like me and believe that Preset management is essential for Ansible to truly be the ‘pro’ tool that it should be, add your friendly encouragement here! I know all the programming boffins are swamped with Norns, just completed Teletype advances, etc… But I want to keep this one at the top of their feature-request list!

[Note: you CAN backup the presets, but it is currently not possible to update the firmware without wiping them out. If you go to restore the presets after a firmware update, you discover that the firmware and presets are linked, so restoring the presets restores the firmware you had installed at the time of the backup.]


I find your title funny but would otherwise agree. that would be an awesome feature.

I don’t have much experience in firmware programming but I’ll try to have a look in there. I started using an ansible again in live shows so I have interest in this feature to happen :smiley:

Maybe the first step could be a firmware patcher utility that writes your presets into the new hex file. Could probably be hacked together without changing anything in the Ansible firmware. Only issue is that updates might change the address or format of the presets.

…signing the petition to express my friendly encouragement!