How to make a sound

Has anyone ever documented the patches used for the meadowphysics and earthsea demo videos (at I like these patches, and they seem like a good starting point for modular.

I am new to modular synthesis, but wanting to build a small modular rack and use monome to explore polyrhythm and rule-based sequencing/probablistic structures. I have recently realized that DAW software offers too many options for me, I usually end up spending too much time tweaking parameters and chasing hypothetical sounds to focus on the actual composition.

Any help appreciated!

they are not documented, though they are not particularly adventurous due to my intention to showcase the grid-based modules and not get too tangled with sound design.

the MP and/or WW paired with a very simple modular setup would get you started. pittsburgh modular has the lowest cost basic system. even just a moog mother 32 might be a start.

Welcome to the club!
Freedom from choice is what you need (Devo).


I guess I was curious about some things which will probably become clearer to me as I gain experience (like Env 3/4 patched to each other, though I understand they are both outs…Reverse envelope I guess?). Thank you for the replies.

As a side note: While I totally understand and agree, isn’t the teletype somehow contrary to that philosophy?

As busy as I am right now with very little time for music making, I still fear I’d need half a year to get comfortable with the synthax to get anything done, while discrete modules offer me the immediate limitations. Very curious about how people are feeling about this.

Sorry for hijacking the thread…

It took me about a week of immersion. And I’m by now means fluent, now… but I’m confident I can make music with TT so long as I keep my manual close at hand.