How to sync two USB MIDI hosts

yes wondering the same, if its possible to send midi out from Norns usb ports in to a DAW or is another device needed in between?

another device is necessary – norns is not able to send MIDI to a VST or DAW directly over USB, because both norns and your computer are hosts. one solution is to use two USB MIDI interfaces plugged into one another (like a Roland UM-ONE and an audio interface that has MIDI inputs), or a MIDI router with multiple USB host ports. more info here: How to sync two USB MIDI hosts

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thanks for that , ordered the Sevilla Soft Midi Usb-Usb


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to have norns (shield) control MIDI in Logic. I connected my norns to my Mac with a USB A - USB C cable, but norns doesn’t detect the computer, neither does the computer detect the norns

How can I properly connect them, to have norns send MIDI to Logic?


See this post above:

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Thanks, will check it out!

Would something like the RK006 come in handy for this?

Has anyone synced their norns with a 5 pin midi device? Im hoping to do so with the Octatrack was wondering what the successful routing to doing so was?

Norns only does Usb midi is that correct? I can’t recall if one of the mini jacks was midi/ mini jack.

correct! a USB-to-DIN adapter like the UM-ONE works perfectly with norns + elektron boxes. there are quite a few in the market, so long as it’s class-compliant then it should be good.

for more robust solutions, I’ve also had quick and easy success with midihub.


Nice one Dan, obliged as ever

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If anyone cares, I successfully MIDI paired my norns shield with my Mac, both ways. I use my old USB to MIDI cable, which on one end goes into norns (the USB end) and into both MIDI ports (in and out) of my Focusrite audio interface. Oh my fun times and SO many possibilities. I can, of course, play any norns script with my MIDI keyboards or even NI Maschine (in MIDI mode). This forum rocks!


Slight thread hijack. I just got a Retrokits RK-006. I want to use it as a standalone USB host for my Linnstrument and to interconnect my hardware. But I would also like to be able to sometimes plug in my iPad to use some AUM instruments.

I think I have a situation where two things want to be hosts. If I plug a USB-C cable into the host input on the RK-006 AUM won’t recognize the 006, and if I use a hub with the Linnstrument connected, it also won’t recognize the Linnstrument.

But if I use a USB-C hub and just let the iPad be the host, then it recognizes everything just fine.

Help? Thx.

I don’t think the RK-006 does host-host connections. I also had problems with mine when they first came out, though that might have been solved. It’s not quite as compact but i very highly recommend the iconnectivity boxes for your situation, the iconnectmidi4+ can do this and i believe the mio4 can as well, though don’t get their newest models which lack dual usb host ports.

They take a little while to figure out but once set up properly they work great and solve all kinds of issues.

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Thanks. I am willing to accept some logistical pain now for not having to think about it later.

Update: the MIO XM looks right for me. But, just to be sure, do these run without being connected to a computer or iOS device?

Reading your post more carefully i see that you’re not trying to connect multiple host computers (like an ipad and macbook) together, but want to sometimes have the midi hub acting as a standalone host sans computer and sometimes plug a computer in. But if i recall you are correct in that the RK-006 doesn’t seamlessly flow between these states - though i forget why exactly that’s the case. The XM will do this seamless switching, and you won’t have to change presets or anything, it will just work if routed correctly. The older iconnectivity hardware i was referring to can switch between 0, 1, or 2 usb host computers/ipads but it seems you don’t need that capability.

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Thanks. Lol, I don’t need that now. But yesterday I didn’t realize I need dual host behaviour. I am going to wait for retrokits to write back but will expect to make the switch unless they surprise me.

i have a MioXL - one of the best purchases I’ve made. Runs without a computer (it is a computer), in fact my DAW computer is merely connected to it now, not a host. It is a very powerful MIDI router. The only thing I miss is more advanced MIDI transformation. But for sync my problem has been reduced to choosing a clock source (and setting everything else to receive clock).

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I am trying to get my Norns Shield to send and receive MIDI to/from Ableton Live using this device and it doesn’t seem to be working

MIDI is coming out of/into Ableton via my Scarlett 18i20 interface so…

From Norns>>>TIE USB to MIDI Interface>>>Scarlett 18i20
Scarlett 18i20>>>TIE USB to MIDI interface>>>To Norns

It doesn’t seem to work either way. Everything is setup correctly in Ableton Live and on Norns (as far as I can tell)

Would also like to be able to send clock from Ableton via this same setup but that doesn’t seem to work either (for now I am using Link, but would much rather Norns running as a slave)

Has anyone had any luck with this or have any suggestions on alternatives or how I could make this work?

Thanks in advance


You can use this little helper Sevilla Soft USB-USB. It makes it possible to connect two USB host devices.


Have you set the TIE midi interface as MIDI device in the norns settings AND as MIDI output for whatever script you are using?