How to use grid as dumb, 128 note keyboard?

I want to use my grid as 128 notes, each triggering a slot in an Ableton drum rack. No sequencing. No special functions. Just 128 dumb buttons sending good old midi notes.

Being brand new to the ecosystem, I’m trying to parse out which of the many apps and M4L devices does this. Where should I start?

I’m fond of this app:

But maybe someone has a suggestion for a M4L device that has better integration with Ableton drum racks? Regardless, give Monome Notes a try, it’s one of my favorite monome apps.

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Thanks Jason, that looks fresh. I opened it up and had a go with the interval controls, etc. I have initial questions, like how to enable 128 notes and how to make sure midi is getting to Live, but I’ll hook it up to the grid when I get home and tinker. I’m sure it will make more sense.

Ideally it would be cool to find an app that simply let you manually enter a note by hand for each of the grid’s pads, with no pretext of trying to emulate any kind of musical interval arrangement. I can think of a lot of uses for that in Ableton, actually.

It might be best to roll my own and patch directly in Max, perhaps? I want to go through Tehn’s ‘grid studies’ after I finish ‘teletype studies’.

never used it quite like this but @ithkaa’s control might work

In addition to @glia’s suggestion of @ithkaa’s control, also check out insanity.

Here are some basic MIDI M4L devices for use with monome grids: Perhaps these can help you …

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That’s pretty helpful, but the row offset only goes up to 12. I’m trying to figure out how to increase the range in max, but it’s been years since I tinkered with it.

Would you know offhand how to do that?

Thanks (and thanks @glia). Those both could conceivably work, but they are setup for 8x8 grids and I can’t figure out how to change the grid size

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(edit: replied to self)

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Never mind, I figure out that you can turn offset off.
Totally did the trick. Thanks!

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insanity is set up for 128s, as is control. UI is a bit confusing though, I agree.

128 note keyboard is all I use monome for (guilty). This is the essence of the patch I use.

There’s more bells and whistles, e.g. alternating lighting for black and white notes, and illuminating depressed notes, but that’s essentially it.

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Show us all the magic! Can you make a patch of this?

The ableton drum rack is a 4x32 grid so I can’t imagine why this tool doesn’t exist.

Yeah I’m still trying to find a solution.
I got one of the patches to work for about 100 of the slots, so I’ve been using that in the meantime while I wait for a free Saturday to start learning Max, but I wish there was something already floating around.

128 slots
128 buttons
Live the dream

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What happened with the monome notes app I recommended?

That’s the one I’m using. It’s the closest match so far. I can’t get it to let me use the top two rows (or the third-from-top button in the far right column).

I see that the top right-most buttons work to initiate some crazy note triggering sequences, seemingly at random, so I’m guessing there’s some sort of sequencing type functionality in there I can’t make sense of.

Ideally I’ll figure out how to roll my own.

Thanks for checking back

Try adjusting the offset value to change the note range and you should get 128 notes.

Also a good idea to try playing with the values for the other fields shown in the screenshots on the app’s github page.

Not sure what the flashing lights are about, I haven’t experienced that. It doesn’t include a sequencer.


I am new to grid and I want to create a custom keyboard for controlling synths using grid buttons. How can I program it so that specific buttons trigger specific midi notes?

I want to replicate the isomorphic keyboard of the Hyve.

I don’t use M4L personally, so I haven’t tested it myself, but perhaps starting with the patch here would be helpful?